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My Experience With ROBLOX

In my opinion Roblox is a very interesting game as it gives many options of different games created by users just like us , u can also go and create your own Roblox game by using Roblox Studios .

ROBLOX in my opinion is the best game to play during your summer holidays as it has a non lasting list of games that u can play without getting bored like Murder Mystery, Mad City , etc.

Being a Youtuber I just cant tell how amazing it is to record videos playing ROBLOX. I used to play Minecraft a lot before playing Roblox but now I m so much addicted to this overwhelming game.

Now according to my opinion if u want a good experience in playing Roblox Games I would suggest u guys to play using Headphones as most of the Roblox Games have a good Sound system that gives you a feeling as if you are doing all the activities in a real life.

As the Roblox games are created by users like us so there maybe sometimes sound errors but most probably there aren't as I haven't gone through such sound problems as of now.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now I would like to discuss about my experience on being a Builder Club's Member. When I was new on Roblox I wanted to buy Robux somehow and as my birthday came it was a nice excuse to buy Robux and on my Birthday neither my parents nor my siblings can refuse me so I took the advantage and asked my parents for spending some money on Robux. I purchased the Builder's Club but it wasn't that good as u get a small amount of 15 Robux everyday and it took a lot of time for me to reach 400 Robux. But at the same time u could create your own group and create and sell your own made things { shirts , pants and what not } .

So in my opinion if you want to make shirts and clothes then only you should buy Builder's Club . Otherwise I would suggest you to directly buy Robux and buying Robux does not waste your time as it does when you buy a builder's club and you have to wait a whole month. I hope u get my point that I was wanting to show here. So we will now discuss another experience of that I got being a bacon girl

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

As every player new on Roblox gets an already made Roblox avatar and when I was new and didn't knew much about the Roblox catalog and avatar I thought that my dress which I already had was so cool and I thought of my hair as the actor Selena Gomez's HAIR. Now moving forward to when I joined a game and tried to friend people and when I started to try to chat with them to my surprise they started calling me a bacon . Though at that time I was curious to know what they meant by calling me bacon. Later I got to know that they were calling my SELENA GOMEZ'S HAIR as the BACON HAIR. I tried to report them but as it seems that the REPORT feature does not works and I am very angry on these peoples who call my Selena Gomez's Hair as "BACON HAIR" . Now moving forward on making friends on ROBLOX wasn't that hard after I made myself a good avatar and from then on began the journey of My ROBLOX ADVENTURES and the journey of me of becoming a youtuber from a so called "BACON HAIR" . I love playing and recording You tube videos.

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