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A Roblox Review (7/10)

So, lets talk about roblox. Roblox was first developed in 2005, but I started playing it in 2015.

My first roblox game I played was Work at a pizza place, this was my main game I played until 2016 when I quit roblox for a short period of time.

After that I returned to roblox and I bought a membership + some robux, I would say this platform is a bit pricy on the currency side though.

Now when I play roblox I usually play Dungeon Quest, a very fun game (I would recommend it if you like dungeon based games)

Now lets talk about the catalog, it has some very non expesive things like regular faces or hats, but there are some really cool items which cost my entire life savings (this is a joke).

I would say the catalog isn't that good because it requires currency which is overpriced.

I remember back in 2015 we had Tix, a free currency (you would get 10 every day and 20 for signing up) sadly Tix was removed in 2016 ):

And now for some screenshots of dungeon quest.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now lets talk about the roblox front page games.

This is one of my most hated sections of roblox, the front page contains so much garbage games (aka simulators) and only a couple of good games sometimes get on it.

Tip: if you wanna find good games you should click the see all button and scroll down until you find a fun looking game.

(Good games: Phantom forces, Dungeon quest, Arsenal, Build a boat for treasure and others I wont mention).

Also something I really hate: Scam bots, these things have been around for ages and roblox never bothers to fully clean them up or do anything about them, and yeah sure most of them get banned but then ever more appear.

Most roblox amatuers know about what these scam bots do but for the people that don't, scam bots usually give links to their sites which promise free robux, the sites look like they were made by a 4 year old and no one else than a 4 year old would fall for them, anyways they usually end up to have surveys and if you do those surveys the website's owner gets money and you don't get anything, there is also a rumor that they can "hack" you or something... websites cant do anything harmful exept take your ip

and maybe boot you offline for a couple of hours.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

A scam bot's profile / (I censored out the website's name cause i don't want anyone to go to it)

And for the last thing, i wanna talk about are the events, they aren't that bad but neither are they good for example the most recent event - Pizza party, all you do in that event is throw pizza at strangers in random games, i feel like this is just weird and not very fun.

Now for another event - Ready player one, for this one it was one of the best events ever, of course it was sponsored by Ready player one but the event had some much, you first needed to find a really hidden thing in a certain game, we werent given the title, not even a good hint, just some weird hint i didnt get, but the first people to complete it got a reward (I wont mention everything in the event but I can say that you got a reward even if you weren't the first one to get it, but the first one would get a unique reward (one of a kind)).

All and all the platform is not perfect and still needs to fix the scam bot issue, get better games on the front page and make more events like Ready player one.

I give roblox a 7/10.

5.0 (1)
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