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PUBG: How to Increase Frames per Second

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has quickly become the most sought after game of year, even though most of the time, it was still in early access. Also, alot of players find that their computer that can run other games with a good, playable frames per second, runs PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with an unplayable 30-40 frames per second on low settings. This is why a lot of players are out looking for FPS increasing guides however some of these actually don't work and may alter your computer negatively. The first most obvious tip is your in game settings. If you have to, lower your all your graphics to very low. This may make it hard to spot players, but at least you will lag less. This is a sacrifice decision you will have to make for yourself and your gameplay preference. You can turn texture higher without sacrificing fps, if you need to.
Another big improve in the game settings is your resolution. Turning it to full screen is the best. Windowed resolutions conclude to worse game play. Turning the screen scale all the way down to 70 may help your fps, but makes the game very hard to play competitively. You can actually turn it down even further in advanced settings, however I don't know if you would want to. Just a disclaimer, if your graphics card is just too old or doesn't meet the requirements, doing these out of game tips won't help you anyways. You might as well just upgrade your computer. A lot of people say to change the set launch settings in the steam properties of the game, however I found that it does not work for me. A tip that works for some people, is changing to custom settings and quality in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game files.
Go to your settings and to battery and change your power settings to High performance instead of power saver or the recommended. Using Ready Boost on another USB drive may help. You need to reformat the usb and activate ready boost. It is recommended that your usb has at least eight gigabytes of storage. Next, optimize your graphics card settings for example, if you have nvidia, right click the home screen and go to its settings. Another tip is to change the compatibility settings in the TSL game file. Check the override high box and select application and save settings. Some have said this simple tweak has improved their games tons, but some say it has no effect. Regardless, all these are dependent on your computer's specifications. You might as well just find another game with 30$ if you can't run PUBG well.
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