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How To Properly Use An AK-47

The AK-47 is one of the most well-known weapons in CSGO, or maybe even the most well-known of all. It is the face of the Terrorist side as it is only available on the Terrorist side.The AK-47 is one of the most powerful guns to use. One tap to the head and the enemy is straight away dead.

The AK-47 is a rifle and originates from the Soviet Union from Russia as you can see in the picture below. This rifle cost at quite a cheap price of $2700 (which confuses me because it's overpowered) and each kill you get earns you $300.

The reload takes 2.5 seconds, the fire is 630 rate per minute, the mag size is 30 round out of 90, and the speed is 215 mph.

If the enemy was to have armour and shot to the head you would lead to 110 damage taking them out (as in killing them instantly not a date) but if unarmoured the damage would be 142 taking them out as well.

Everything in the picture below will explain the other damage that the AK-47 does to the other body parts.
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How To Shoot AK-47 In Far Distance

When in a far distance, tapping/clicking your mouse is the best thing to do because if you were to hold it, you would be spraying your AK everywhere not even hitting the enemy once which you will probably die then because the enemy is just watching you trying to kill him/her.

Tip by me: Make your crosshair small and not too dark but instead quite visible through so you can see the enemy easier and this will help you do a magnificent instant 1 tap to the summit of the enemy and if your crosshair is too big and dark you would have trouble trying to see the enemy. The enemy opponent could just stand there watching you till you can find the opponent and the opponent is now making fun of you for not being able to see him/her which is quite an embarrassment and that enemy player will just stand there and 1 tap you straight away.
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Up above is an example of an extremely horrible crosshair that n0thing, one of the best most CS: GO professional players in CS: GO history, with one of the worst most crosshair any humans and CS: GO players have ever seen!!!

How To Shoot AK-47 In Close Distance

When in close distance, spraying is the best option because tapping is gonna take too long. If you don't know what spraying is, spraying is when you are rapid firing your gun. When spraying, make sure you are dragging your mouse down so the spray doesn't go crazy and firing everywhere. But make sure you're kind of dragging it down to your left for more accuracy because when you're spraying an AK-47 your sprays go up to your right so that's why I recommend using this tip.

Thanks for reading my article, hope it has helped you today on how to become a CS: GO AK Master!
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