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Neverwinter gets old

I just got Neverwinter a couple weeks and spent about 5 hours playing it. I got to level 19 and I was playing nonstop. Basically, you complete quest after quest, some short, some quite time-consuming. I would advise to be selective in your quests and get the most experience out of your time. Some of the quests only give you like 50 experience and aren't worth the time. I got bored pretty quick because all it was was just fighting random monsters in dark buildings. The multiplayer aspect may make it more interesting but since my computer isn't the best, it kind of lagged my game. I've seen many people go on and build a second character and level them up really quick, but I never felt any intrinsic motivation to keep completing quests and fighting. Maybe these storyline games don't appeal to me and you might love Neverwinter, but overall it is a well-developed game in general.
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Neverwinter's visuals are quite breathtaking (considering you have a good graphics card unlike me) and your fighting power's graphics come out pretty satisfying. Its quests are easy to follow because of the sparkling line that guides you through every step. However, this aspect also makes it seem like a never-ending tutorial. All you do is follow the line, fight, talk to a person for the quest, and repeat. Because of this monstrous system, lies my reason for saying it gets old fast. Its storyline gives it a little more interest but we all know everyone skips the dialogue (right?). The inventory items, in my opinion, look well crafted and designed, and its tutorial makes it easy to navigate and follow. the controls are very basic and generalized, which makes it simple to adapt and be adept at.
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While it is mostly a solo game, there are many social attributes to Neverwinter. Firstly, there are always online players walking around the quest grounds with you and they can actually fight with you.You can join groups and do play versus player battling. I think this is where most of the motivation lies to level up and improve your character.

Neverwinter is free to play and doesn't really pressure you to make any purchases, but towards the endgame, the cash shop starts to show up a lot. Often you aren't able to keep up with a level of the game so you are forced to buy some diamonds or other items. These reinforcements, with reasonable judgment, will cost you under $10. Overall, I think Neverwinter is a pretty game and a classic concept, however, the design and cycle of its gameplay may not appeal to all audiences
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Author pokemasterx77
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