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Roblox - How to get xp fast in the Booga Booga?

This article is made because I want to help those players who are on a low level and want to quickly level up.

What is the Booga Booga? The Booga Booga is a good survive game. The game creator is Soybeen. The essence of the game is to collect ores and levels. Ores in the game: coal, gold iron, steel, adurite, crystal, magnetite, emerald. There are tribes in the game to invite your friends or unknown people. The tribes are distinguished by colors. Available colors: red, blue, green, orange, gray, light blue, purple. People who are in the tribe, can't hurt each other. The maximum available level of the game is 100 levels. If you reach level 100, you have the opportunity to rebirth. If you do this, you get 1 point. You can redeem these points on the strongest stuff in the game. (God pickaxe, God axe, God armor, God rock, God bag etc.) I will now show you how to reach level 100 quickly,

By playing this game you can get 100 Play
  • Big Stone Shelly: This not give you lot of xp. This have 100 life, so easy to break.
  • Giant Shelly: This have 1,000 lifes, so we have a bit more difficult to break. But it has more experience. If you break it, this is contain lot of other snails. Of course, these snails contain additional experience.
  • Shelby: It's a purple huge snail. This have 5,000 lifes. If you break it apart, 4 Giant Shelly, 2 Gold Shelly, 2 Magnetit Shelly and 7 essence it will be in it. Next to it is a Sheldon snail, with have 1,000 lives. This snail gives the second strongest ore, which can be used to make armor.
  • Snow Mammoth: You will find this on the snowy island. This has 1,000 lives. It gives many xp and lots of meat. With meat you can spend your life and your hunger. The God Rock is the best weapon to kill this, but other weapons are good.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
  • Gold: Gold can be found in many places. It is worth mining because it gives many xp. You can make a gold coins with a machine. Gold can be spent on crates.
  • Feather Bush: This basically gives you a little xp, but you get an essence beside it. This is a good way to level up. These are on the floating island.
  • Old God: It already has 5,000 lives, but in the previous version it was 10,000. It gives a lot of experience, so you can get level up. There are several Old Gods on the course, but not all give xp. This requires a minimum steel pick.
  • Ancident Tree: This is the best way to get to the level up. This is on the "gold" island. It has 30,000 lives, but it gives a lot of xp. The best way to break this out is God axe. This axe takes 50 lives at every blow.

I think Booga Booga is a good game to try. I hope I could help you to level up quickly. Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. I worked a lot on this. If you liked then please rate it or write a comment.

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