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Out of the blocks, I just have to say this, otherwise your perception of this game will be skewed. Yes, it is a big download for a game. But you only have to download it once. For those who have never checked out this game, don’t look up the file size until you have read this the whole way through, OK?

Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you about HOW GREAT THIS GAME IS. Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough. THe list of amazing things this game includes just goes on & on. The only negative about this game I have is the large download, but as I have mentioned, it is only a one time download. Obviously since it is such a large file, you can expect there to be a massive amount of content. And boy can I tell you, it delivers on that. Not only does it support aviation AND ground force combat, but it has both a dynamic (unlimited play) campaign and multiple historical campaigns. It also features things like 14+ vs 14+ game servers and different game modes.
By playing this game you can get 3740 Play
By different game modes, I mean ‘arcade’, ‘realistic’, ‘assault’ and ‘simulator’ battles.

Arcade is where you are in a team of around 14 playing against another team of around 14 players where it doesn’t matter which nation your vehicle lineup is from. You each try to complete the set objective, which for aviation is usually something like ‘take out all of the ground vehicles’ and for ground vehicles it is usually ‘capture and hold the objective’.

In a Realistic battle it is the same as Arcade, but there are no leading markers or names above everyone. Matchmaking is based on which nation your vehicle lineup is from and you fight a mock battle from the 20th century on a map of the location where it took place.

Assault is a cooperative game mode where you must fight with teammates to hold off an invasion for as long as you can, wave after wave.
By playing this game you can get 4580 Play
Simulator battles though is where everything gets a bit more interesting. It is a Realistic battle on steroids. Servers are much larger, holding many more players per team. You only get one life unlike Arcade where you get as many as your line-up consists of. Battles can last up to an hour, sometimes more. You take one vehicle to combat, and it must match a list of vehicles which were actually present on the actual battlefield during the actual battle.

Other then game modes though, the maps and vehicles are extremely detailed, much more then you can make out from the photo I could get. Honestly, any graphic setting that goes up to ‘movie’ setting is gonna be some quality graphics.

One last thing I forgot to mention is that all of the vehicles attributes, stats and looks are all true to the actual thing. All I’m going to say is that I think this game surpasses anything made by Wargaming.Net (they made World of Tanks and other war games) and that is saying something.

Gaijin, I am happily surprised I found you.
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Author SnowRuler
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