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Complete Guide Of Roblox for Begginers!

Hello There!Welcome to my Article. Today i will Teach u how to become a master In ROBLOX, Lets Get Into It!First if u want to play Roblox you will Need a Roblox Account! you can go to or,after u put the name and password make sure u Read The ToS(Terms OF Service) Before Singing Up, its a very important part when u make a roblox account!after u Maked the account u can Play Games, simply before playing we will need Roblox Client(The Game Launcher)go to games and choose any game u want! after that Will be a green button, press it and then Press Download and Play Roblox.will also install Roblox Studio(Its a app Thats u can make games on Roblox!)After The installation press X in THe Corner and Press again The Green Button!Then u can play any game u want(Note:Some Games May Required to be Buyed with "Robux")

Mobile/Tablet Guide:

playing on a Mobile? Your Welcome to Read This Article!First Go To App Store/Google Play and Search ROBLOX,After u searched click Install, wait until its installs, After Installing u can go to your Mobile/Tablet Screen or simply press Open.if u already u have an ROBLOX Account u can Press Log in,else if u don't then u can Press Register.Put The Informations then Hit Sign Up, After that wait 2 or 10 secomds depends on how good is your internet/Mobile Data Connection.after that u can play games by Hitting Game Button,u press on the game u wanna play and then press the Green Button.and u ready to go!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Customizing your Character!

On ROBLOX U Can Customize your own Character!u can Buy Items With Robux or getting free Items!if u wanna customize your character then u first gonna need some items, u already have items in invetory but u can get free T-Shirts that were maked by community or get free Shirts from ROBLOX Catalog.if u wanna change your avatar u can simply press the corner three bars and press avatar. u will have sunglasses and Hairs, body types,etc u can also chnage your face but there are 3 face free: Smile(Default Face)2.Woman Face(Woman Package)3.Man Face(Man Package) if u wanna a animation u can get one from catalog, there is also one free named "Rthro Animation"if u wanna look more Realistic u can Search "Rthro" on Roblox Catalog and find Free Rhtro Packages,wanna swords on back or other things, u can search "Back Sholder" on Catalog and u will find Bears,swords,Wings,etc, u can Equip them in your Avatar Tab, its Very Easy!Wanna Know What Is The Roblox Currency, u can Read Down Below!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The Roblox Currency!

Roblox Currency name is "Robux" thats help you buying Things on Roblox!, u can Buy Robux with Real Money or if u wanna get Daily Robux for 1 Month/Year u can Buy Builder Clubs that allows you to make shirts on roblox,groups and others u can also get 3/4 Hats For Free For Joining in Builders Club.With Robux u can Buy Gamepasses that gives u something better or another things on games, u can also customize your character buy buying items with Robux.u cannot get free robux,if someone says "copy, paste this code will Give u free Robux!"ignore him, probabily will try to steal your account, u can become rich by making trades(Builders Club is Required For Trades on Roblox)u can trade with people in games like "Trade Hangout", u can amke a deal and get profit,also do not scam, u can get your account Terminated For Scamming Some One!if u wanna trade u can trade only Limited Items. u cannot trade for example a shirt,if u wanna verify if its limted go to catalog and type The Name of Item.Hope i Helped u Beging a Master in Roblox :) Bye!

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