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Game designs and mechanics

It is amazing.In the start i just love the graphics,guns and charecter's they are amazing! The experience is exciting and adicting.I love how the charecter's just look and their design,it's so detailed.All about this game is good.I love when they jump from the play and when they open the parachute its so amazingly detailed.Even the guns have excuisent details! It can easily be seen the work they put into this game.Another point that draws me to Apex Legends is that it was inspired by the game “Titanfall”. The game takes place in the Titanfall realm, but of course there are differences. For example, Apex Legends focuses on the characters rather than the movement, the mechanics. There are 15 characters in Apex and a new character emerges every season. Each character has a unique feature and each character’s story.Apex Legends appeals to many different audiences. If we ask how we understand this, Apex has 70 million registered players, from 7 to 70, and you can guess that within 70 million there are many people playing games with different concepts than Apex.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I took a photo of it here and i am playing it on mobile as you can see.It is super detailed,smooth and has amazing game play.I love it in every way especialy the guns design.Its amazing! I want to it to have ultra graphics on mobile to but it lags.Besides that even without ultra it looks super amazing! I love the way the charecter's slide in the ground its so amazing and the sound effects are also amazing.

There are 3 maps in the game, but the first map is no longer used because the new map has arrived. The map usage system of Apex Legends is a little different. Maps change every 2 hours. After playing map A for 2 hours, it is automatically switched to map B.

If I have to comment on whether Apex Legends is realist, I can say semi-realist. To give the simplest example, in real life, or in some games like Pubg, when they’re jumping out of a plane, parachuting on the ground, Apex’s characters seem to have something jet-engine under their feet and land with them. This is just a simple example of reality being lost.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

As you can see.I took a screenshot in my computer with ultra graphics and it looks so amazing! It looks like a mega SLSshader, which are amazingly detailed.I lagged a bit becouse of the graphics but it is amazing after all.I want the game to add details to the guns more in ultra graphics but it is amazing how the game looks.I love the sound effects , they sound 1000x times better than in a mobile and so satisfying!

Also the movement in the game is very different to other battle royale games. Climbing walls, slide when you crouch, wall jumping (jumping to wall and jumping to another wall), and more movement because of the characters ability like Horizon[1] (creates a little tornado and gets you up to the air) or Octane[2](places basically a trampoline and you can jump on it.)

I cannot say that the sound quality is very improved, I think it could have been more successful. In Battle Royal style games, “listening voice” (moving as quiet and slow as possible on the map and not being heard by enemies) is one of the most important points, the sound should be clear, but Apex lags a bit in this regard.

When I look at the quality of the graphics, I think that unlike the sound, it is a much more pleasing image quality that appeals to the eye. To put it in simple language, there is almost no blurriness.

New things are constantly being added to the game. New characters are coming, image quality is improved, sound work is being done. These are very important things to attract new players because if you stop developing, most players will get bored with the monotony of the game and stop playing. Apex is constantly trying to renew and improve itself in order to prevent this (not to lose the player base).

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