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League of Legends
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How to play "MIDDLE" Lane in League of Legends like a Pro!

So you want to play league of legends like a pro? More specifically in the Mid lane.

Well today I'm going to tell you how to play like a pro in the mid lane in League of Legends.

This guide will go over a few diffrent ways and what you can do to improve your ways when playing League of Legends.
I will also have some other guides on this, that will beable to teach you how to play as a Jungler, Top Lane , ADC (Bot) and a Support player (bot). So don't leave those guides out!

This guide will cover the follwiing;

- What is Mid lane?
- How to play Mid lane correctly
- What champions should you use (in depth)

I really hope this guide help's you on your mid lane adventures when playing League of Legends. I am going to put a lot of effort into this guide, and also going to do a lot of in-depth review's on the champions that will be great in that middle lane!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So as mentioned previously, I will explain how to play in the mid lane roll to the best of your ability.
Firstly , lets start talking about the lane... the middle lane.

Middle lane is the lane with most attention in the game. Players in the middle lane are most open to ambushes or "Ganks" as there are 3 ways an opposing champion can come from, leaving the mid lane very stuck and often getting destroyed.
Middle lane is open to the other side of middle lane, and both side's of the jungle, linking the top lane ,and bottom lane. This lane is also the shortest lane to the opposing team's spawn, where the game will end when the enemy 'nexus' is destroyed. The Middle lane being the shortest lane, alot of pressure is on the current mid laner because of the easiest way to the win.
Also within Mid lane, it has the highest gank rate, and also with the highest team fight, where all memebers of the team go up against other members.

Let's get off the basics, and lets go into how to play mid lane correctly.

Mid lane as mentioned before, can be ganked very easily, and can result in alot of pressure onto the mid laner. To start with, depending on your champion (next section), you can start off by buying your main starting item, e.g "Dorrans Ring" and then 2 health pots, and a ward. This is everyone's basic buy as a mid laner, you can opt to save, but it might not be a good / smart idea. Within this , it is all on you to get as far as you can, gather CS (minion kills) to the best of your ability all before your first death. The more you farm, the better your items can be. If you can get more minion's (CS) than your opposing mid laner, you can gatherbetter / stronger items, making your opponent suffer.

Now moving onto how to acctully use the items wisely, certain sites that offer champion builders will show you what runes / masteries that you might use with that specific Champions, and this can help you as a mid laner, knowing what you champion can bring to the table, Although this section of the guide is not as detailed as some other guides, the next part will give you a very good in depth reviews of a champions I belive to be very good in the middle lane.

As I just said, the Champions turn!

A Champion that I have used the most, is 'Fizz'. Fizz is a mid lane assain, but can also be played stronger up top in the top lane.
But Fizz as a mid lane is very usefull to have, although gather CS might not be the easiest as fizz is a melee type champion, and most mid lane champions have ranged abilities, it can prove quite difficult to play with. But fizz is an 'all out' champion. The 4 abillities that Fizz has, is his Q , W , E , R.

Fizz's "Urchin Strike" (Q) is a dash type magic dash. This will dash into an enemy minion, or an opposing target , Champion or not. This is very usefull when attacking as it gives the first bleed to Fizz's (W). This "Urchin Strike" can also be very good when trying to get away from opposing enemys, as you can also dash away from enemies using enemy minions.

Fizz's "Seastone Trident" (W) is a great effect to use after using the (Q). The reason for this, is after 2 seconds of a opposing champion bleeding, and once the trident has filled, the 60* bleed damage, and can be very lethal in late game.

Fizz's "Playfull Trickster" (E) Is also a really good abillitiy to have on your side! This (E) can be used for Attacking, Running Away, defending and movement around the field. Fizz's (E) can firstly, be used to attack a opposing champion. By leaping onto them , or even close to them , all being invicible whilst moving. This can also be used to flee from the scene, as it can be used as a fast (E-E) to move and jump off, moving twice as quick as any opponenet. In some area's of the map, the (E) can be used to hop over walls, this can be used against to attack or flee, or just generaly to move faster and more conveniiently around the map.

Finaly, Fizz's "Chum in the Waters" (R) is Fizz's ultimate ability gained on level 6. This is a very strong, attack with alot of range.
This ability is one of the reasons Fizz is classed as a Assain and also a "All out Champion". An (E) can get you closer to the oppsing champion , and this can be used to get in close range to destroy an opponent. This is the strongest move , and can be the lead into the team burst in team battles.

Fizz in general can be very good , and is a very mobile champion when it comes to manuvering around the map and away / toward the oppsing team. Fizz is also a very good all out champion as he can burst all he likes, late game every 30 - 45 seconds.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall, the whole Mid lane prosepct with the champions in question, all depend on who you play. And how you play. If you use a ranged champion, the majority of the time,you need to be aggressive and oppose the other mid laner with brute force to avoid the whole scenario when attempting to attack an enemy. But if you do end up playing a champion like fizz, do be aware that you are no the strongest there, and a ranged attack will destroy you, so Keep your fingers on that (E) and (Q) to dash away from oppoenets if they are ready to strike against you. I hope this guide helps you as much as I could, I have been watching alot of games over the last 2 weeks, and I have tried my best to put all the intel I have on how to play as a mid laner into this guide.

If you have any ways other people can improve, then please comment them below! And if not, then please dont worry!
If I have made a mistake or a crucial error in my guide, please also let me know!

I wish you all the best of Luck with your Mid laning experiences with League of Legends,
And I wish you all the best,
- KingScroob
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Author KingScrooby
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