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Pokemon mystery dungeon rescue team DX switch review

This game is the latest in the Pokémon mystery dungeon saga. It has a lot in common with the original Pokémon dungeon duo games for the ds however it is not a remake of these games. This game is like the name suggests in the dungeon crawler genre and like many dungeon crawlers is quite plot heavy compared to other Pokémon games and spins offs in the franchise. For a game that is not very well known for it's plot I must give kudos as this game does deliver a emotional plot however I would say the original plot in the older games was somewhat superior. There is a lot to do in this game from accepting side quests for items as well as having a post game that while a bit dull is still very much a welcome addition. There is also a lot that can be done to prepare for your dungeon quests such as going to stores training etc. Today I will be reviewing the mechanics of the game as well as core gameplay as well as things the game succeeds in and areas that may be lacking.

The game begins with a mini personality test to decide what Pokémon matches your Reponses. I feel this is a very nice addition as it allows you to feel more engaged with the game however if you really dislike your assigned Pokémon you can change it. You then begin as other games do with the introduction to all the services and a tutorial on how to do things and then your first mission. I personally feel the missions and where the game shines as they make you explore areas you may of skimmed over otherwise it also allows you to interact with other Pokémon around. As you explore the dungeons you collect items, stumble on traps, fight enemy's and much more. This stops the dungeons getting repetitive. This is also helped by the different designs, soundtracks and enemies present in each and every dungeon you enter. This adds a true sense of discovery when entering a dungeon for the first time. In my experience it really allows the gamer to feel like they are discovering the world around them along with the protagonists.

As for the graphics they are very clearly reflecting the graphics used in the older games minus the pixilation. It may nit be the most realistic or pretty but it still works sufficiently enough with the game. My personal favourite element of this game is the wide variety of items you can retrieve or purchase and leaning how to apply them in dungeons/combat. This along with the ability to train your Pokémon means you can very adequately prepare for the battles ahead. It is one of those games so captivating and enjoyable that you actually feel a bittersweet sense of sorrow when the game is finally completed. However one of my mild and only complains is some of the items are very weak while some are very powerful such as the Revive all orb while you can not revive anyone else on the next floor the nerf does not stop it being very powerful. To conclude this game is a very solid dungeon crawler game that is fun for all ages with a captivating story that is easy to fall in love with, I would highly recommend this game.

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