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World of Tanks
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World of Tanks should you try it ?

Well if you are here for the direct answer yes but if you wanna know why that's why:

Well is a competitive online game where you can chose a tank and fight with it in a online match you can upgrade your tank buy you need to farm a little bit the game is random every time and you need to build a new strategy every time you play it by seeing what tanks your enemies have and what damage they deak every tank has his stats and you can upgrade it by changing parts and upgrading the parts the game is pretty fun if you ask me its pretty well made and the graphics fit with the game to play WoT (Word of Tanks) you don't need a good computer but if you have a potato computer it won't work :) you can hide by obstacles like walls and buildings but they can be destroyed with ease if the enemies know that you are hiding there so be very carefull.
The game is played by a lot of people so its easy to find a match but sometime it can search for a match up to 5-6 minutes its not that much but for some of us is a lot of time
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Its better to play this game with headphones so you can hear the position of your enemies and when they move but i like to play it with my speakers but if you have a dog or a cat in your room it will get scared it happens to mine a lot :) its pretty funny but i don't think that is ok for them
WoT is a MMO game that means that its a opean game with no story and you can explore the map without any restrictions
If you didn't know already this game is free and im pretty impresed abut a good game with regular updates and good graphics to be free even some paid games don't look at good as this one and they don't have the same gameplay this game give you a competitive sentiment its like other games like CS:GO or Overwatch i think this game its worth trying it and i spent some time in this game and i like it alot you can see some tutorials online to learn how to play it at first i watched some as well and they helped me a lot
If you want to play with me my name is BananaJoe so we can play together
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game has a lot of tanks from a lot of countrys like USA,URSS,France and from other countys so you have what to farm for :) i like the USA tanks a lot they look cool and they deal a lot of damage and can break a wall with only 1 shot i can usally take a noob player with just 2 shoots so they are pretty good
URSS tanks are good as well i ddin't play with them a lot cause i like the USA ones a lot but i tried them and they are good as well if you are a new player alwasy watch your back and chose the fastest tank you can get so you can run from the projectiles fired by the enemies
I saw a lot of germans in this game i wonder why :))) i hope this game won't cause WW ||| or something :) and they try hard to win and every time i play against one i always lose..i win some times but this is very rare.. in the last time i didn;t saw a lot of them so i wined a lot with some practice you can win every match but you need to know the map and learn the stats of every tank if you want to win
I usally get a fast and good damage tank so good luck !
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