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World of Tanks
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How to get good at World of Tanks

World at Tanks is your go to game for realistic tank warfare, but not everyone is good at it. Like any player, I too struggled to get on my feet in World of Tanks, but once you know the tactics and the reasons you are struggling, you will find it easy. In this guide, I will tell you three main things: Why you find it hard to play, what you should do to improve, and what to avoid.

Firstly: What are you doing wrong? The most common issue with starters is that they are too excited. When I say this, I mean that many beginner player, and even some advanced player, just rush straight into the middle of the map, quickly get surrounded, damage a player (only if they are lucky), and die. This does not help the team. Another common wrongdoing is going into the middle of the map with a tank destroyer. You have to consider the type of tank your in and change your play style accordingly.
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There are 476 tanks in World of Tanks, and each one needs a slightly different play style. Go into training or play some practice games, then try to go into a real, serious battle.

Now: What should you do? As already mentioned, you should think before you act. Analyzing your mini-map before the game begins could be the best option as it gives you the best idea of the map. While the countdown is in progress, look around with your camera to see different elevations, and I recommend going to the top of the map. Being at the highest elevation on the map, as it will give you a clear view of the entire map but barely any tank can point its barrel high enough to shoot you. Another tip is to avoid open fields/wide roads. This is another good use for your mini-map. Looking at the map, you can clearly see where you can be seen by enemies.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lastly, to have successful games on World of Tanks, you must think strategically. If the whole enemy team is in a pack, don't directly attack them, go around and behind.

What should you avoid? The main thing to avoid is going into open fields, with no bushes, trees, or structures to protect you. This is basically a death wish. In a game like World of Tanks, once you are seen, it's very unlikely that you are getting out alive. Another thing to avoid is deep water. This seems obvious, but too many times someone on my team drowned their tank. This needs to stop. The last major thing to avoid is blocking your teammates view. This does not benefit your team, and will definitely lose you the game.

If you follow all these points and tips, then I guarantee you will start progressing quicker, winning more games, and overall, be a better team player.

Thanks for reading my guide!
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