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Warface The Free To Play Call Of Duty!

So to start with most people will think how free to play is this game? I can tell you now there is not a lot of items that will give you an insane advantage over any of the other players you are against. Yes, you can buy boots and armor that means you will take less explosive damage and can trigger a trip mine and have extra time to get out but overall you are not that much better from player to player. You will not even be put with higher level players until you hit rank 10, but by then you should have bought yourself a new vest, boots, hat and gun.

On the topic of guns, Warface has a lot to offer to you. You can pick from one of 4 classes. The assault as assault rifles and can resupply ammo to your team. The medic can heal and revive your team and has a shotgun as his primary. The heavy has an LMG and can give you armor plates. Lastly the sniper. He has no special ability but does have semi/ Bolt action snipers at his disposal. This is my favorite class as on some maps you can get a height advantage over your enemies and snipe them from afar without them even knowing.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Let's talk about the game modes available. The first game mode is team deathmatch. This involves 2 teams trying to kill each other more times than the other team can to score the most points. Next is free for all, This is where every player in the game is against each other and only one person can come top of them all. Bag and tag is the same as free for all but you also have dog tags you have to pick up after every kill. Next is domination and all you have to do is capture the 3 points for the longest time. Lastly, is plant the bomb. In this game mode, you have to plant the bomb given to you at the start of the round or if you swap sides diffuse it to win.

There are also some PVE game modes too where you have to work with the other players on your team to defeat an AI boss or just complete the mission that you have been set. In this game mode, you will need one of every class as they are all important to winning the game. You will start off by landing in a helicopter and then will have to charge an area and kill everything in the way. You will need team members to revive you and also give you fresh ammo, health and armor. A strategy is key in this mode. Lastly is special operations. They will cost coins to join and if you die you will be automatically reset when everyone dies. They are very difficult to do but are worth it if you win as the rewards that they yield are a lot higher than just playing the game normally. You will need some good players for this!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game will introduce you with a good short tutorial that will teach you the basics of the first 2 characters (Assult and Sniper). after that when you level up once you will unlock medic and the game will pay you $3000 in-game to do the tutorial and the same goes when you level up one more time but this time it will be for the engineer and like before you will be given $3000 again. These funds are very useful when you only have to level up 2 times to get them. The game also has a sliding ability which is abused a lot by people who use shotguns as when they slide they are difficult to hit and they gain an accuracy boost while they are sliding so that's one thing I would change.

To Conclude I think that Warface is a great free to play game with all the elements you would expect from a $60 call of duty game and even more, than a call of duty game would have. You can pay into the game if you want, unlike most free to play games, they are not forcing you to buy items they just have the offers to one side just in case you decide that you would like to buy a bundle while it is cheap. This shows that they are not just cash cows and do care for your opinion. The game has lots of people playing it right now so that shows to me that the game is not dead and still lives on 4 years into its release and is definitely worth a try if you are a fanatic about FPS games!
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Author SnoopyJammers
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