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How to play Brawl Stars.

When you first enter Brawl stars, you do tutorials. After that, you can fight with other users, and most of them have to fight with ai, not users, until the trophy 100.In this game, there's a thing called ammunition, usually three rounds at most, so you can't attack because you have to load it until the ammunition returns. So you have to avoid the opponent's attack while you're loading. There are various characters and grades in this game, among them, general, rare, super-rare, myth, legend, and chromatic. Normal~ Ultra-Rare can be obtained through boxes in the beginning, but super-Rare or Legend is hard to obtain in the beginning.But the rating doesn't really matter. Because depending on how you use the character, the character can be better or worse than the legend. So the rating doesn't really matter. The important thing is how well you use the character.There are types of characters such as proximity, sniping, hiding, poison, and healing, and each of these characters has a counter. For example, proximity is weak against snipers, but Hp has more than snipers, so you can hide in the grass and kill an approaching sniper at once.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Secondly, you can play various modes in this game. In this game, soccer mode, survival mode, team mode, gem collection mode, robot recall mode...There are many other modes, and it will be added a little more after updating. Soccer mode seems like a simple game to score a goal at the opponent's goal, but you have to score a goal through all the opponent's attacks. Survival mode is a game where you have to fight 10 users and survive until the end. Team mode is a game where you have to survive to the end by killing other teams with yourself and one team member. Jewelry collection mode is a game in which the team that collects more than 10 gems first wins. Robot Summon Mode is a mode in which robot parts come from the center and the team that collects more of these parts wins. As there are many different modes, there are dozens of maps in those different modes. There are some brochures that get better or worse depending on the map, so you have to choose carefully and play the game. For example, if there is a map with a lot of grass, you can choose a nearby character and hide in the grass and attack the approaching enemies.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Thirdly, there are various characters in this game, and they have their own weapons and strengths. Also, upgrading levels can make it even more powerful by allowing you to buy gadgets, star power, or pull it out of a box. If you win the game, you can win the trophy, and if you lose, you lose the trophy. If you collect a lot of trophies, your character's rank will go up, and if you do, you will play games with better people. Rank exists up to 35 rank. The most important things in this game are avoiding opponent attacks, matching attacks well, managing bullets and managing blood depending on the situation. As the rank goes up, the number of trophies you receive decreases, and the number of trophies falling increases significantly, making it difficult to earn trophies because there are many good players in the high rank. Characters' weaknesses can be compensated by gadgets or Star Power. For example, a sniper character's gadget fires a small pistol at a nearby enemy, pushing him and slowing him down for a while. You can run away during that time.

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