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My guide and review about ROBLOX

Hello there! I see you came here to read about the review I made. If you did then feel free to read this. So, what is ROBLOX you might ask? (You already know about it but ill explain for others who don't.) ROBLOX is huge game that is popular all around the world, millions of people are playing this game and having fun, it supports Windows, Mac, Android, IPhone, Xbox One, and much more. The game is very Lego-like, and it has tons of games like this in ROBLOX. In their site, you have Home, Games, Catalog, Create (which ill explain about it later) and last but not least, Robux. What is Robux? Robux is a virtual money that people can spend on clothes, hats, gears, and such more. But in order to get Robux, you must buy them with actual money in order to get them, Example: 400 Robux costs 4.95$ and 2000 Robux costs 24.95$. You can also earn Robux by getting from different groups, and you can buy those gift cards that give you Robux. You can also buy Builders Club which gives you access to Builders Club games that don't allow people who don't have Builders Club to join. Example: If you have "Free" you can only join 5 groups and earn no Robux. But with "Classic" you can join atleast 10 groups and create 10 groups and you can earn a total of 100 Robux. Now, lets get to the Game section. (Here's a screenshot of the Catalog as an example of how it looks.)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now, we are done explaining the game, but lets get to the Games shall we? Okay so, what games do they have? Well, they have FPS, Racing, Horror, Action, RPG, and such more type of Games in their site. Millions of people are creating any type of games and making them public for anyone to play. You can earn Robux if your game is really popular and you can also sponsor the game so it appears in the Games popular section. The most popular games right now are: Dungeon Quest (35k Players), Mad City (32.3k Players), Ro-Ghoul (21.7K Players), Jailbreak (23.8k Players), Welcome to Bloxburg (20.3k), and much more. They are the most popular games today while I wrote this review. Some games require Robux in order to play, Example: In order to play Welcome to Bloxburg, you must pay atleast 25 Robux in order to play the game. Some games take a long time to finish or they aren't being updated anymore and they are outdated. Here's a screenshot of the best FPS game in ROBLOX, and how it looks. Name: Phantom Forces (8k Players)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Okay. This is the final thing I'd like to explain, the ROBLOX Studio. You might ask what is ROBLOX Studio, well it's a program that lets you create any type of game in ROBLOX and publish them online. Like I said you can earn Robux if your game is popular, but it's gonna be impossible since you might have to make the game really good and add a lot of effort in it. In ROBLOX Studio, for starters you can choose Baseplate, Flat Terrain, Village, Castle, Suburban, Racing, Pirate Island, Western, City, Obby, Starting Place, Line Runner, Infinite Runner, Capture The Flag, Team/FFA Arena, Combat, Story Game (The newest one in ROBLOX Studio) and Volcanic Island. You can choose one of them and build anything you ever wanted, you can get free models too and add them to your game, you can add Decals, Mesh, and more. ROBLOX Studio can also be used to add custom scripts in it like making your own scripted Shop, Inventory, Kills/Death, and such more. Since I finally explained you the game and other stuff you need to know, I rate this game 9/10 since there's a lot of games to play and make. I hope this review helped you.

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