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Learning to defend in clash of clans Part-1

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about the defense buildings in clash of clans. Obviously, we won't be able to cover all of the buildings today, so I will split this up in multiple parts. Let's start with what these buildings are? and Why are they important? You probably know that clash of clans is about building your base by adding new buildings and constantly upgrading them. It is the basic premise of the game. There are multiple types of defenses in the game like resource buildings like the Gold storage, Army buildings like the barracks, Traps like the giant-bomb (which you might not consider buildings but the game considers them buildings), and lastly the defense buildings. The first defense that we get in the starting of the game is the cannon. Cannon is unlocked in town hall one. Cannon is probably one of the most integral part of the base as it chips away damage little by little from bulky enemies while other defenses do more damage. Cannon is a building that only targets the ground troops.

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We are talking about the home village cannon today as the ones in the builder base and clan capital are just counterparts. The cannon can be upgraded to level 21 by town hall 15. All the 21 levels would be very hard to cover so we will find out the average instead. So, the damage per second of the cannons increase by an average of around 7.5 damage every level and the hitpoints of the cannons increase by an average of around 95 hitpoints every level. It has a range of 9 tiles which is the unit of measuring range in clas of clans. 9 Tiles is a decent amiunt of range in cash of clans. Once you upgrade the builder base double-cannon to level 4 and upgrade the home village cannon to level 7 you will be able to gear-up the home village cannon. So gearing up is basically adding another cannon to your cannon. Much like how a shotgun has two barrels your cannon will shoot from two barrels. The damage of the cannon will increase while it's range andrate of fire will decrease. Gearing up can only be done to one cannon. Cannons have a high rate of fire and a decent range, which makes them an ideal deterrent for Wall Breakers (which have very low hitpoints).

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

They can also pick off Archers or Wizards that are used in an attempt to set a funnel. As I said earlier they chip away slowly on heavier targets so heroes and tanks will slowly lose health while they are focused on something else. Cannon should be placed behind a wall but towards the corner of the bases. It is also better to put any defense that targets air troops as the cannon can only target ground troops. Keeping the cannon in towards the middle of the base instead of something else like x-bows or inferno towers is a very big mistake as the primary role of a cannon in higher town halls is to chip away damage from hefty troops or two prevent low hp troops from entering the base. Ranged troops can easily reach the cannon if it is not guarded with something like a resource storage or a collector/drill. Cannon is the first defense in clash of clans but even by the end of the game it will steal hold a very important role. We have covered about the first defense building we will talk about the archer tower in the next part. That's it for today, thank you and have a good day.

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