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How to get good with the Huntsman

Team Fortress 2 is filled with bizarre and extravagant weapons and items. Because of this, team fortress 2 stands out from other shooters. One of the most well-known weapons in the team fortress 2 community is the Huntsman. Huntsman is not only a weapon but it's also a completely different subclass. It is rated as a meme tier subclass along with the trolldier and the fat scout. The huntsman is hated by the team fortress 2 community. The huntsman is not hated because it is bad but it is hated because it is just too good and even new players get easy kills with it. It is easy to hit shots with it because of its large hitbox. You can shoot your arrow near the neck and it will still hit the head. It also does a lot of damage. It can also be lit on fire by friendly pyros which will give it extra damage and afterburn to the enemies. First, let's go through all of its statistics. It is a projectile-based ranged weapon. A normal body shot does 50 damage and a fully charged body shot does 120 damage. A normal critical shot or headshot does 150 damage and a fully charged critical or headshot does 360 damage. It will take one fully charged headshot and a fully charged body shot to kill an overhealed heavy. You will move faster when charging your shot, unlike other sniper rifles. This weapon also has the taunt kill feature. The arrows can be misfired if the bow is drawn for roughly 6 seconds. There is no laser pointer in the huntsman so the enemy is very less likely to know your location.

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Now, let's talk about loadouts for huntsmen. The first loadout is huntsman as primary, cozy-camper as secondary, and the Sahanshah as the melee. Cozy-Camper passively regenerates health while Sahanshah helps in close-range combat. The sec8nd loadout that I recommend is huntsman as the primary, Jarate as secondary, and Bushwacka as your melee. The jarate and Bushwacka can help you get critical hits on enemies. The Jarate also brings team utility. The other loadout that I recommend consists of the huntsman, darwin's danger shield, and tribal man's shiv as primary, secondary, and melee respectively. Since huntsman allows you to be more aggressive you can protect yourself from pyros with darwins danger shield while dealing damage with tribal man's shiv and huntsman. You can customize your loadout as per your preferences. It pairs well with items like the jarate and cozy camper. You can also use the cleaners carbine or the stock SMG for a close-range damage option. These two secondaries are much better than using your melee in close range. At the end of the day, I would still recommend the cozy-camper because of its passive healing ability.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Lastly, let's talk about things to acknowledge while using the huntsman. First, you need to know that just because the huntsman is easy to use doesn't mean that it won't require any skill. You will still need good aim and precision to use the huntsman. You cannot zoom in on the scope when using huntsman. Because you can't zoom in, it can be even harder to hit enemies when they are far away. You should also know that unlike the other sniper rifles the huntsman doesn't have laser sights. This is a big advantage because enemies are very less likely to know your location. This will also help you to flank as a sniper. Even though flanking with a sniper doesn't sound good, a laser-sight-free bow and arrow will help a lot. No matter where you are, the frontlines or the defences, you are going to encounter many pyros. Pyros are annoying but this gets even worse with the huntsman. Since the huntsman shoots projectile-based arrows and is not hitscan, the pyros will be able to airblast your arrows. A good pyro player will use the airblast to reflect your projectiles at you. When you encounter a pyro you can do two things. You can either pick a fight with them or you can run. I would prefer running away from the pyro. I hope you keep these things in mind while using the huntsman. I also hope there are no problems with spelling and punctuation since I am using Grammarly. That's it for today, Thank you and have a very good day.

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