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How to get good at Agar Io.

First u have to complete the tutorial it’s easy. When u have completed it u just have to name ur character then you can start a game. When you start the game just collect the small balls and do not attack anyone since u will probably die doing so. If u have a good skin always use it since it’s important to show ur enemies that u are good in the game and that u have experience playing the game. Stay in the corner of the map and try to not be near anyone. When you are in the corner focus on eating the small balls that make u grow and gets u bigger. When you have a decent size like 70,100 or more then try to get in the middle of the map since then u can look for dumb people. It’s important to not just attack people though u gotta keep that in mind since u don’t wanna die early in the game. Just keep moving around the map and try not to get noticed by the big people on the map. If you do get noticed then you are probably gonna die since they are gonna kill u.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When u are at like 150 points then you have to at least look for people that are splitting or big people that are shooting at each other’s. So u can grow and get bigger if you find someone big that is splitting or shooting at someone else big than you can go in and try to get some of the points. The strategy for winning is trying to find someone that is willing or dumb enough to give away their points so u win. If someone big is trying to kill then you can go the big green ball since if the big guy goes in it his character will split and u can then get all of his points and win the game. But if nothing good happens u find no dumb people or no people willing to give away their points then you have to attack all the small people u see. At one point when the biggest guy is almost winning then u just attack everyone since u are going to die anyway. If u want to start with something big then you use potions and watch ads. U can also get the potions every day for free and by playing the game u get coins and with them j can buy potions.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

If u have reached 300 points then you are very big and most people will be scared or they will try to lure u to the the big green poison ball. When u are this big then you can attack everyone if u are the biggest in the map but if you aren’t the biggest then try to attack everyone but the people bigger then you. If you do die buy a potion or watch an ad since it will help u a lot and u will save so much time by doing this. If u die follow all the instructions again. But when u finally reach 500 points then you are a big part of the map and all u have to do is attack everyone. Keep in mind do not try to eat balls after lvl like 200 since it will not help u in any way since u are to big and have to eat so many balls before ur character grows. It’s simply isn’t worth ur time. If u are bigger then 500 then it’s the same just attack everyone and don’t split up ur character. If u want to get good this is the strategy u should do and if you do this again and again then you will be good at eventually.

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