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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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Grand Theft Auto 5, the best open world online and offline experience you will ever have!

Grand Theft Auto is a great game which throws you straight into an epic experience with its story and multiplayer games. In the story you play as three main characters. Micheal, a retired bank robber who has moved to Los Santos to try and escape his past. Franklin, an up and coming gang member who finds himself working with Micheal and Trevor, a hillbilly living in the desert trying to make it big. With the ability to switch between characters during gameplay story mode is a great experience. Locate pills across the map and turn into animals or even play tennis with Amanda. there is no shortage of things to do. You could go on a five star rampage and rob every single store in Los Santos or even make your way into the military base and obtain high grade military vehicles such as tanks and jets (just try not to get shot down)
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With online rockstar throws you back into the action in a open world setting, with up to thirty people in a lobby you won't be able to guess who is waiting for you around the corner. With the ability to buy apartments, cars, jets and even yachts online in Grand Theft Auto never gets boring. Play heists with friends or races for money there is no shortage of ways to make it big in Grand Theft Auto Online. In the newest dlc rockstar has added new planes and helicopters to the game to shake up the experience. Buy one and fly around with friends shooting at unsuspecting players making their way through Los Santos, or go and do hanger missions and collect crates to sell with your friends where they can even get a cut. Or even go into the skies and have a plane battle with some other king pin in Grand Theft Auto online.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
With new dlc added very often gta never gets boring and never fails to excite. With enough work you can own Los Santos and be living the high life. our hard With all the new dlc added to Grand Theft Auto Online it never gets old. You can purchase an office and fill it with your hard earned cash. Or become an executive and hire online players to come and work with you and help your business progress. Go and buy yourself a vehicle warehouse and steal high end vehicles with your friends to sell for up to $100,000. But be sure not to crash you wouldn't want to damage your vehicles. Purchase a motorcycle clubhouse and hire up to eight friends and then go and buy a cocaine lockup and transform your Grand Theft Auto Online experience into an epic death defying feat where no one, not even the military, can beat you!
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