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Idle player type game

Ok browser game, nothing special with ok graphics for what flash player can provide. The game itself is just about progressing in levels to defeat higher level waves of normal mobs and bosses which give you bonus exp. Theres a lot of side stuff to do to increase power, such as changing characters or upgrading them.

You can also spend the extra time in doing adventures, expeditions, dungeons and even the arena to pin your team up against other fellow players. Return daily for rewards, bonuses and make 'wishes' for cards you want via the Menu. Also try your luck at one of the many world bosses and get bags that give you tons of goodies.

The first quest given by Bananatic takes maybe 5 minutes to complete, the second again maybe 15. The last quest however will take you roughly 3-5 days depending on activity, which I don't necessarily suggest putting much into, as most of the exp gained is from AFK training which doesn't even require the browser open as it runs off a server timer.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Watch as your characters fight it out, get stronger and defeat high level bosses. Make your line-up filled with your favorite characters, and add sidekicks to make them even stronger, each with their own special matching based on the show.

By adding equipment such as weapons, clothes and jewelry, you can upgrade and further advance your character/team for further domination! With a color rarity scale on the items, it makes it easy to find out whats the best.

Advance your team using gold and what they call "advancing stones", or if you have multiple cards of the same character, use the "haki" when upgrading to boost their star level.

The more you do, the higher it goes, pretty simple and not much for skill required. You can choose not to advance anyone sooner, and do it later so it feels like a bigger power 'boost' rather then upgrading them every level or as new items come into play. The choice is yours, and theres no reason to at least give this game a try, especially with the link from Bananatic ;)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

A large selection of characters to unlock, using a star system for rarity makes it easy to find a team that best suits you. Play with characters such as Yankee, Nami and Luffy to name a few. Each character is animated into the fighting sequence, so you can watch them battle it out against familiar people from the show.

To also point out, each character also comes with their own special move to help in battle, so if you want the best team, it requires some knowledge of how it all works. Such as Hachis "Rokuto no Waltz" which deals damage to 2 random enemies, but also recovers some health points, you wouldn't want to pair him with too many healers as it may not benefit as much as from using a character such as Dex Bonee with his "Spar Break" which not only causes additional damage but increases attack power and can be stacked up to 3 times making him one heck of a power house! Other characters provide bonuses to the whole team, such as healing them. Nefeltari Vivi uses Kujakki Slasher which recovers all allies HP by 200 points.

Mix and matching is crucial! Find what works best for you!

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