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Tips for ranking up to master

As the Apex playerbase gets more bigger and bigger more people will be on your ranked journey.Today I have collected some tips and tricks that may help you to improve in apex legends in general and get you ready to be a good player in both Public Matches and Ranked Matches so lets get started.

1. First tip is to learn about the meta.If you know more about the game current state,more guns,more areas in the map and more about legends in apex than you can be an better player.You will know which legend to pick,which gun to pick,where to drop in the map e.t.c.When you have knowledge about the meta you can easily win or atleast reach to the end stage of some of the matches.You should always learn the meta also because apex is a multiplayer game and these games tend to die pretty soon if they don't give more content to the playerbase.So,there are lots of updates and changes to the guns,map and legends.Learning these quickly can get you going very fast.

2.The second tip is to don't take unnecessary fights in ranked games.If you don't have god level aiming and movement there is no reason to engage with an enemy squad just to get wiped.You should only attack a team if they are recovering fro a fight or are already in a fight.You should not take fights to often also because it increases the chance of you dying and can attract other teams to your location.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

3.Practicing your aim is a key to be a good player in apex legends.The aim is pretty necessary in your game.If you don't know how to kill enemies then you are kind of useless to your squad.Always try to improve your aim to be a good player.Another key point including aim is the recoil control in this game.All guns may have different types of recoil.Learning recoil of every gun can make htting shots even more easier.If you cant really control the recoil of some guns then no worries.There is a trick called jitter aiming which can be really overpowered in some cases.While jitter aiming you move your corsair right and left very fast.Guns like flatline have a decent firerate and using jitteraiming in this gun can shred enemies from afar.

4.Apex is a game from the titanfall series.Titanfall was known for it's unique movement techniques.Apex legends is kinda the same.Veteran titanfall players may have no problem in the movement of apex.However if you are new you will need to learn all the movement techniques.You should already know about slide.Apex may not have the wall running from the titanfall games but apex has many movement techniques including simple techniques as sliding and slide-jumping to complex movement techniques like wall jumping,tap strafing and more.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

5.Another tip here is to practice gunfights and poistioning.Knowing good position to take a fight is very important.And you need to practice gunfights because it will give you experience on taking fights.You cannot practice them in firing range however you can practice them in public matches and an even better option is to practice them in arena mode.In arena mode you don't risk getting third partied and you can practice with any kind of gun you want.Always try to improve in positioning and peeking.

6.The last tip in this article is to play with friends and always communicate with your team.You should be playing with friends because random teammates can be rude or they may sometimes leave the gamng with or without any purpose.Some random teammates may not hear you and may play the wrong way.So to make sure you can always count on your teammates play with a friend.Even if you don't have any friend to play apex with you can always find friends in the apex community there are also many reddit servers related to apex and also discord servers related to apex.This much for today my friend's.Bye

Thank You

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