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How to use the Avalanche in town hall 9?

Hello, everyone. I am back again to join you on your clash of clans journey. Today I will talk about an attack strategy for town hall 9. That strategy is Avalanche, which is mostly golems and wizards. And it's basically a much bigger kill aquad than the Goho attack. And it's much simpler than the Goho attack too. So ideally you are trying to thin out the left and right hand side of the base do you have a big kill squad entering the center of the base and You will do this by just spreading golem's out and a large line of wizards to help to do that. I train my army in the following way: 4 golems worth hundred and twenty housing space, 4 hog riders worth twenty housing space, 20 wizards worth 80 housing space. So this takes up a total of 220 housing space which is also the max housing space for town hall 9. Now the following are the spells you need for this attack: 4 earthquake spells worth four housing space, One rage spell worth two housing space, One jump spell worth two housing space and one skeleton spell worth one housing space which brings up a total of 9 housing space for spells. For clan castle troops I would recommend a pekka, bowlers, or golems.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

First you have to deploy four earthquakes spells in the core of the base to start off this attack. The earthquake spells will destroy the inner walls which will later help all the troops navigating through the middle to go faster. This will also help your kill-squad to take the centre of the base out easily. This attack is staright forward. You just use a jump spell on the outside walls as this attack does not use wall-breakers. You are entering the base where by you are getting access through it from the easiest route possible. Make sure to put the jump spell infront of the troops that you actually want to go to the inner side of the base. The jump spell should be dropped near the middle compartment where you dropped the earthquake spells. But the idea of the attack is you have so many golems moving through the base that it protects your heroes, primarily your queen and you are sprinkling skeleton spells anywhere else where you start to lose a litle dps. Dps refers to damage per second.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You don't have to take many skeleton spells because they can be difficult to use so just one or two could be enough. You might not even need to take them infact depending on the base but if you have set the funnel enough with golems on the outside you will then have enough force through the center. If you can deploy the golems in the method that we discussed in Goho strategy whereby the golems redirect into the center so that you have even more protection for your heroes. The hog riders are used towards the back of the base where you are a bit on troops. The defences are tanked by golems in the middle you can sprinkle one or two hog riders to chip away on the defences. Anything that is told in here will obviously change according to the base layout and the building levels. That should guarentee you three stars. Best of luck for town hall 9. Remember that your troops, spells, and specially your hero levels matter on how good your attack goes. That's it for the Avalanche. Thank you and have good day.

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