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Pokémon X review, how does it shape up??

Pokémon x is one of many games in the main series of games. It is part of the X and Y duo making this the official 6th generation of the main series games. The plot is very much like any other game on the series that being you getting gym badges and fighting off the evil teams and your rivals within the game. From a graphic standpoint it is somewhere in the middle of realistic and cartoon style, this game does this well however there are other games in the series that do it a bit better. As for the soundtrack however especially the song unwavering heart is a beautiful addition and I would argue has one of he best soundtracks in the entire large franchise of games. However I sadly cannot say the same for the rivals or main villain team team flare. The rivals do have unique personalities and I did appreciate the hint at a LGBT character in one scene however at times they are a bit dull. As for the villain team while their design premise is interesting their main objective is very dull and easy to overlook. This is quite disappointing considering the rest of the game is incredible.

Continuing with the design premise the Kalos region is designed with heavy inspiration from France as well as their traditions and customs. This can be seen in every aspect of the game and the traditions are very well respected and present. This is especially seen due to the fact that this game introduced the option to customise your character with clothing. Since France is a fashion capital this was very appropriate and fun. There is also the introduction of other features such as the ability to create mini films for your character however these fall a little flat or are just outshined by way better mechanics in game. There is also the option to feed your Pokémon, pet and overall care for them. This mechanic is again a marvellous addition to the game as it really makes you feel a connection to the members of your team. The other small detail i very much appreciated is the ability to sit on benches you pass on your travels. Sadly however this feature is very much unique to this game.

The ability to sit on benches also allow you to see the area at a different angle that is very beautiful and well done. This game is also responsible for introducing the fairy type. This was a shock as we had not had a new Pokémon type for a long time. This like a lot of things in the game was a mixed bag. It did finally nerf the power of dragon type Pokémon and give more credence to poison types that were lacking in the competitive field. Adding to this many of the new fairy Pokémon are either cute or beautiful however some do not have the best design premise. Overall however there is very little room to complain as this game added a lot to the series as a whole. Even without thinking of this however it can stand on it's own as a very well addition to the franchise. While it's side characters may be dull it more than makes up to it thanks to it's new mechanics and overall beauty and impeccable soundtrack. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone who enjoys Pokémon or otherwise.

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