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Egg baby review, what is this game?

Egg Baby is a free mobile app that simulates what is is like to own a pet. The gameplay is simple yet very easy to become attached and addicted to. Nurture your Egg as if it was a actual living thing as you keep it clean, feed it, play with it, put it to bed, dress it up and more. However make you check on your egg frequently because like any living creature without tender love and care it's health can very quickly decline and even leave the pet to die. Due to this I would recommend this game to kids of any age as long as they are emotionally stable enough to handle the possible virtual death of a pet. The way you treat your egg and the things you give it also will affect it's personality and what it hatches into overall, this is very fun to experiment with and allow for a lot of excitement. There is quite a lot to do in this game as well, especially considering that this is a free mobile app aimed to children. There is a large variety of things to do with your egg that we will discuss.

Two things I very much love that you can do in this game is read to your egg and give it medicine. The reading is fun as you can see all the different books and flick the pages for your egg. As for the medicines they are expensive but very much worth it as they allow your Egg's patterns to suit your schedule more. In particular the sleeping medication is very much worth purchasing. That medicine along with the multiple health medication that can save a eggs life if they have been neglected for a bit too long and are in jeopardy. The other mechanic I also very much liked is that they managed to use motion controls effectively in the game. Normally I would be complaining about motion controls as they often are more of a annoyance than a joy; however this game does it justice by allowing you to physically rock your Egg Baby to sleep. However if you save up enough coins you can also buy more than one bed meaning you can have multiple Egg children to rock to sleep and check in on and overall care for.

There is also a wide variety of eggs ranging in difficulties and hatch times. There is a wide variety that adds quite a bit of difference in the experience of raising these egg like creatures. Some may be harder or kill and or have very fast hatch times however this can come with downsides such as them sleeping very little or being frail. It really is about finding the right egg to match your schedule and what you want from your eggy journey. While this game is fun for anybody if you are a busy and or forgetful person this game may not be your game of choice. As for graphics they are very sweet and the soundtrack is pretty average for free mobile games. My only complaints lies with how the in game money system works. If you happen to let an egg die and you had previously spent all your in game money on said egg then you cannot gain money in any way for free to save for another egg and rebuild your funds forcing you to then delete the app and restart. Besides this it is truly a great game for young tweens that want a fun game and could be a very good example of how to look after a future pet if a family is considering buying one.

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