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An absolutely enthralling free game

War Thunder was launched in November 1, 2012. And I have to say, it is a brilliant game that anyone could play for free. The free game market usually isn't a place where you can find masterpieces, (i thought) but this game is absolutely wonderful. Did I mention it's a free to play, cross-platform game yet? You couldn't imagine the experience playing this game. It's a military based MMO game with exceptional graphics, I wouldn't be surprised if someone says that it's the best military game out there. This game has frequent updates, great support from the developers and has a huge community. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, It definitely is extremely gripping an sensational. I have to praise the team behind it for making this a free-to-play game since it could easily have been a AAA game worth at least 10-15 dollars on steam. War Thunder's air combat is simply the best and pretty much the most intense on a game ever before, Although most air-based games have difficult controls and long waiting times. War thunder doesn't have any of these issues, It's very easy to control and get a grasp of, and is extremely satisfying when you shoot up a enemy turret, tank or airplane.

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It feels exactly how someone would feel id they were fighting for their nation during a war, the controls are brilliant, easy to use. And the Graphics are really impressive even on a very low-spec computer. The game offers 3 modes of transport, Ships, Tanks, and Aircrafts. The most impressive is obviously the air battles, The Tanks and ships aren't any worse though, You could easily spend 2-3 hours in a row playing any of these modes. The Game is absolutely breathtaking and is a joy to look at when soaring over the mountains and seas during aircraft games, although there are a few bugs and glitches, they are actually quite minuscule, It is very impressive what the developers have been able to achieve. You can improve the realism by playing simulator battles where you actually have to take-off and land to refuel, you cannot re spawn, have limited ammo and fuel, and it becomes quite tactical. The simulator battles are quite difficult and failure becomes quite common, you could get frustrated and will have to do the missions all over again. But I would say this just makes the game more fun to play and enhances the realism

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The multiplayer servers are always crowded hence games are found quite quickly and the simulation battles offer a very realistic experience and is quite challenging, The game is very enjoyable and you wouldn't get bored of it any time soon, unlike some other games. Although I have praised the ground warfare, It sometimes gets a bit dull and boring, perhaps due to the amazing experience and expectations set by the aerial warfare, The ground warfare definitely has a huge mile to go and improve. You can be a pro and a beginner at the game at the exact same time, Sometimes you're the master of the skies, but other times you cannot drive a tank 10 yards without crashing into a wall. The progression system really needs improvement and is quite a mess, it is very difficult to understand what's going on and isn't very user friendly, but this is something that can be fixed if some work is put into it, which is hopefully done in the near future. Overall, Despite a poor progression system, dull ground warfare, and some minor bugs, War thunder is still a great game that is hard to get enough of.

5.0 (1)
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