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Team Fortress 2
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How To Get Good TF2!

Hey!I'm am back once again with another Bananapedia.This time, I am taking one of my favorite games, and making it into a Tutorial of how to get good basically.This is going to be a pretty long article so I am going to request to the moderators/admins and creators of Bananatic that I may split this into maybe 2 or 3 articles?.So let's start with Engineer class.

#1: Engineer
Engineer is one of my favorite classes by far.I love the things it can do, protecting the team, doing massive damage and taking many hits while still fighting!Engineer's job is mainly team support to heal and protect the team.To manage your metal wisely, build a Dispenser first as it can both heal and provide metal.If you build another machine then it will waste all of your metal and you will have to run around finding more.Build the Dispenser next to the opening of the base on the top floor or bottom floor.Don't build it in enemy range so they can destroy it.From there, build your sentry in a medium closed area maybe in front of the opening near the dispenser so that you can get the metal to resupply and heal it if it gets damaged.If you are playing MvM then build your sentry in a high area next to your dispenser as well.They do massive damage against tanks and fast scouts and heavy Demoman's.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#2: Pyro
Pyro is a great class for dealing with clusters and groups of people especially heavy's and people with lots of health.It can do a great amount of damage in-no time with his pyro gun.A negative factor is that pyro isn't extremely tanky and will need some support by healers and other players.Its gun range isn't really long so it will need to get quite close to attack someone.If you are playing MvM then it will do great against fast things like scouts and will shred supporters like medics and soldiers.Like any others class, it can get an upgraded weapon once you get to a higher experience level but it will take some time of course.The upgraded weapon has a bit further of an attacking range and shoots bubbles.Now you're probably thinking, if it shoots bubbles, it will do like no damage at all right?No, the game is made in a funny way and things are not always as they might seem.It also has a melee weapon for close up combat and pretty good agility.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#3: Scout
Scout is an excellent class with agility and parkour.It can easily hit an entity multiple times and still be able to get away by taking low damage.If you're playing on MvM then it will do great with Demoman Knights and Heavy's/other tanky and high health classes.The scout is the only class with the ability to double jump.It can also easily go more than twice as fast than any other class.It has a shotgun weapon which has a pretty fast fire rate and a bat for melee combat.Scout is best with team support and kiting/juking other players as a distraction while other players get in as many hits as they can.This is an excellent tactic for MvM because since Giant Soldiers and Heavys will pretty much seek and destroy anything in their way.Scout can easily dodge many bullets.

Okay so that's pretty much it for this guide of Team Fortress 2.I will come back tomorrow for another guide this times with 3 more classes.It will be a continuation of this Guide.Then 3 more classes.Maybe after that, I will make a TF2 Map Strategic Points Guide and a Strategy list of what you can do to take something down and some easter eggs as well.That will in all maybe be a total of 4,5 or in a rare case if I am in a good mood 6 articles.Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, like this share and comment what you thought.
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