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`Getting Started On Warframe And What You Should Know And Do!

I know from personal experience that Warframe can be a bit too much and at times overwhelming. This is why I decided to make this guide to show you how to get through your first hours of the game!
When you start the game you are thrown in to a tutorial mission, in this mission you learn the basic gameplay aspects of the game: shooting, parkour, melee and getting to know the story a bit. After you complete the tutorial mission you find yourself on The Orbiter ( Your Ship) here you do basically everything from buying items from the market to making the weapons you use. You get a quest after the tutorial mission which is pretty linear seeing as you have to do it to progress after you finish the quest that is when the real game begins. I recommend you join a clan immediately, preferably one with active members. Joining a clan should be easy enough you can go to recruitment chat and say that you are looking for an active clan to join and you should get a quick response do too there being a lot of clans in Warframe. Here you can ask your new clan mates for advice, information, or even for them to donate something to you if you really need it. Here you can meet lots of new friends and for me at least is the best part of the game when you find the right clan you can have lots of fun and you can become fast friends with your clan mates but I digress.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
You can also ask someone in regional chat but it’s a lot better to ask someone in your clan and you have a higher chance to get an answer from someone in your clan than someone in regional. After you join a clan you should start progressing through the plantets doing all the mission and getting familiar with the game mechanics. Eventually you will arrive at your first boss fight Vor don’t worry because by now you have probably noticed that you almost always can get paired up with 3-4 other people on missions so Vor won’t be a problem. He will drop blueprints and a rare resource I suggest you farm him a bit at least for the rare resource. After that you just keep progressing through the planets killing bosses.Also after Vor all the other bosses drop blueprints for the Warframes which are pretty important so you should probably build them after you get all the blueprints from the bosses.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
By now you have got these things called mods you start off the game with mods but their flawed version. These flawed version are only available during the very start so don’t worry about getting them later. I cannot stress this enough but mods are super important. You cannot play Warframe without them. So what are mods? They basically boost your guns damage, fire rate, reload speed, etc.. They also have warframe mods which boost health, armor, ability damage, shields,etc… You can upgrade these mods with endo which drops from enemies, but you can also get them from ayant sculpture which you can find randomly in the levels along with ayant stars. You can find weapon blueprints on the market which you can buy for credits if you didin’t know because your starting weapons become obselite really fast. You can also buy weapon blueprints from your clan, you just go to your clans lab ( there are three types, one for each faction) interact with the consol and buy the blueprints. IF you do not know where your clans labs are just ask a clan member. Also if you do not know where to farm a certain resource just ask someone in your clan or regional chat, same goes for experience points. And those are the basics, after that you get void relics and prime items. Prime items are better versions of the regular items. Also if you have noticed you have a premium currency called platinum mostly used for cosmetic items. But you can buy regular items too. You can get platinum buy buying it with real money or trading for it. You can get really good amounts of platinum for prime parts. But I recommend you watch a tutorial for trading on youtube.
And that is about it now you know the basics and are ready to play! Have fun!
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