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Blush Blush Pc game review

Blush Blush is a romance game that is on the borderline of a dating simulation. It is completely free on steam for the pc and there is always an event going on to gain extras for your favourite characters, just make sure not to miss a day otherwise you miss out on the prize! The plot is very simplistic yet charming and sweet. The protagonist is a zoo worker and accidentally curses a bunch of men into animals and only true loves kiss can break the spell. This almost parody of common fairy-tale romance is endearing yet funny all at once, However I would not recommend this to anyone under the teenage years as there are some sexual innuendos that may not be appropriate for them. For the adults looking for something more mature however there is a more sexual dlc pack available however this needs to be paid for, you also can unlock even more boys as well as fully voiced lines and other in game perks for a assigned price. Today I will be looking over the different parts of the game and my likes and dislikes on it

Firstly there is a wide selection of characters in the roster to choose from. it doesn't matter if you like muscular men, emo boys or shy nerdy boys they will have the man for you. These characters all have different preferences and personalities as well as vastly different appearances. This really makes the characters a bit more true to life and allows for discussion with others over the best one. There is also the unlockable characters, by progressing in the game that you can talk to over text and receive images from. These are very endearing and add a new way to interact with the characters. You also get to go on dates with them for the cost of coins you save by doing jobs in the game. You unlock these jobs by levelling up your skills by performing certain hobbies. The game runs well as a whole and I appreciate that the character you can choose can be either male or female so it is friendly for men who like men. There is however no female option so if you are that way inclined this is not the game for you.

There is negatives however. The characters do not voice out their entire lines, they can but this is a separate paid option in the store which I believe is a bit unfair as there are already so many paid add-ons to the game in the form of diamonds (that to be fair are easy enough to earn with patience.) extra boys, outfits, recover missed events etc. The game also dramatically slows in progress as you continue unless you are willing to take the reset to increase the game speed. While I admit this mechanic is unique and fascinating it is also frustrating as you have to redo all the work you done even when sped up it can be repetitive. This cannot be fully skipped if you want to complete the game as some characters require the reset bonus to continue their story to completion. To conclude if you are a teenager or older that likes men and a charming plot with a funny twist on occasion with a sprinkle of innuendos and shirtless men then this is the game for you to download, after all it is free all you have to lose is your time.

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