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How successfully to Carry IO the Wisp

Now as you would all know the best type of support is one who only carries and doesn't support, an ideal Io carry build would require you to get hands of Midas rush preferably with all the farm you get in lane given to you by your noob team. Then after that power treads and an armlet would ensure you never die as you armlet toggle and absolutely destroy the enemy team. Now after this you should get a maelstrom to both be able to push and farm more so that you can acquire your desolater. By now, if your team hasn't lost the game yet, you should be level 6, every time your ulti goes off cooldown you ulti into a lane somewhere and destroy a tower. After the fifth ulti or so you should of gotten racks and a Mjonnirs to help you push. An Assault currrais would also do wonders to help you push towers. G
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
After this get a heart of tarraquse to ensure maximum survivablity. By now you should of gotten all racks and be pushing ancient, this is the part where you win and your team all commend you for the carry. GG, i am also extremely curious as to why i am needed to write a minimum of 2400 characters when Io needs only two, the two characters being GG. But any how since i'm still here for another 1000 characters here's some more advice as how to carry io, your W should be maxed out first and be used as an early game nuke as at level 4 it's able to do 500 damage or 1000 damage if you manage to time it correctly, combine this with your Q, the tether, which should be both your intiate and your escape should the enemy team wisen up and decide to gang up on you. A black kings bar would also work wonders
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As if the enemy has a whole lot of stuns which might prevent you from destroying the towers when you ult and destroy those towers, this ensures that the whole 12 seconds you're there in the enemy lane you'll just be focusing on raping that tower whilst the enemy looks on in despair, if your problem is more physical damage sided a heart of tarraquse and blademail should suffice. If by some miracle the enemy has neither you should just go deadelus, divine rapier and monkey king bar to go on a killing spree that pro players wished they could pull off. Oh i also forgot about your E which i don't really often use that much, though the bonus attack speed and reduced damage is great quite often or not you shouldn't use it until it's leveled to level 4 and you're pushing the towers. This concludes my Guide GG
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