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Very nice farm game for people of all ages

As a child, I have always found interest in animals and in gardening. To me, a farm would be the perfect combination of the two where you take care of crops along with livestock. I have always enjoyed such games like Farm Ville, which was the most popular Facebook game for many years. Since then, however, I have not heard of it.

This game incorporates many elements associated with farming. There are crops where you plant on soil and harvest, there are houses, there are different aspects to manage. What is unique is the type of farms you are able to manage: the main farm, a gourmet farm, a flower farm, a horse ranch, a cooperative village, and a fishing region. I have never played a game, online or on mobile, where there are horse ranches and gourmet farms, which I find exciting to play as.
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On the farm management tab, many things could be observed: there are tabs for field crops (including wildflowers, corn, rutabaga, and various of other plants that I have never heard of in my life), tabs for produce (which ranges from pigs to eggs to cherries), farm supplies containing feed for your livestock (which are of different grades, from normal to premium), tabs for seeds of plants that you can grow on your field, special products (like apple pie), and various of other tabs for different things once you have reached a certain level.

I was amazed at the variety of things that could be done in this game and was happy there were these options for people who may get tired of just attending to their crops. I think this would be a wonderful game for children as it can teach them responsibility, organization, and management.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Of course with all games, there are perks of the games, but many things to improve on as well. Being a browser game, it did not feel as smooth as it could have been. The layout of the game looked very bulky and very technical, and the art was not terrible, but not too aesthetically pleasing to look at. For example, I loved the ocean and the lighthouse, but it was static. To improve it, I would like to see the waves moving and crashing against the shore or seagulls flying overhead.

I think this is up for different people to interpret, as there can be many people who do enjoy it, but arts and graphics is an integral part of my gaming experiences.

Overall, this is a nice, simple game to play with your friends and family. In terms of farm games, I have had better experiences from mobile games, but nothing was as extensive as this. I would recommend it to children and for people who enjoy farm games.
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