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Warframe: THE BEST (NOT P2W) MMO GAME!!!

When I first tried playing Warframe, I was stunned with how good the graphics are for a free game on steam. So I had to download it on my laptop and dang, it was like finding gold in a mine. There were some issues downloading it since it costs more than 8GB on my storage. But it was all worth it when I opened the game for the first time. Before I proceed, warframes are like iron man suits, the person inside it is you, a tenno, which is an orokin survivor because of "The Void". On the introduction, you are given 3 options for your starter warframe. Excalibur, a sword-themed warframed that can channel his energy to his summoned blade, it is known to be the best beginner warframe. Volt, a versatile warframe that harness electrical elements, it is one of the best warframes to use because of his shocking abilities. Mag, the gravity warframe, has very good crowd control with her gravity abilities. I chose Excalibur as my starter warframe, because a lot of people recommended him to me since his abilities are very easy to understand.

By playing this game you can get 880 Play

I played warframe 12 hours per day in the past to grind better weapons by participating in different missions like assassination, capture and defense. I used volt a lot so i can speed run capture missions in order to get relics. Relics are something that people who use to get platinum, which the currency of the game. Relics helps players to get overpowered gear to trade with players who have platinum. Getting good gear from relics is very rare because it's purely based on RNG. But joining relic mission squads can help you get better gear, for there is a mechanic where you can choose what gear you can get from the relics that you and your teammates have, and if all the relics are fully maxed, it increases the chances even more. Warframe has this thing called mods that helps amplify your warframe's abilites, health, shield or energy. The mods are also used to increase your ranged weapon's reloading speed and damage. It is also used to empower your melee weapon. Good mods can make a bad weapon into a god tier weapon

By playing this game you can get 1060 Play

MECHANICS: Warframe has very cool mechanics, like their insane maneuvers because of the double jump, wall jump, and most used by players, the bullet jump. It's combat mechanics is very simple and just like any other fps game. The abilities of every warframe are very unique from each other, which is why every warframe is special in their own way.

STORYLINE: For an MMO game with insane graphics and animations. It surprisingly has one of the best storylines you can ask for. Since every mission you take, can help you progress through the story that this game is foretelling. Each part of the story that you progress through, has a huge revelation and more loot to help you advance.

ANIMATION: The animation for every warframe ability is the icing of the cake in this game because of the smoothness and how crisp it is.

COMMUNITY: The warframe community is very active. People here would love you to be on their friends list and play in different missions and raids.

5.0 (1)
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