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Garry's Mod (B2P)
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What to do/know/expect once you buy Gmod. (Garry's mod)

I'm gonna be giving you noobies on Gmod on what you should do or know once you buy Garry's mod. First things first you're gonna need Counter: Strike Source the game (C:SS for short). You're gonna need Counter: Strike Source because it's one of the important things if you're gonna join a server because you might see black and purple checkers with errors signs. There are other games that you need to get but it really not that important. But if you do want to know what they are the games are Team Fortress 2 (TF2), Half life 2 (HL2), Half life 2: Episode 2 (HL2: EP2), Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D1 & L4D2). But there might be a chance that the server doesn't use Counter Strike source (C:SS) So you might be good!

If you don't have Counter Strike: Source (C:SS) This is what it might look like. I've got Counter Strike Source (C:SS) so this is a no problem for me.
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I also forgot to tell you bananatics that if you're looking to buy Garry's mod it cost $10 USD. Sometimes if there are steam sales it might cost $2-$5 USD. If you still see errors and black and purple checkers you're gonna have to download the addons from the Garry's Mod workshop and subscribe to the add-on(s). Well, now I am done with the texture part.

Now we're gonna talk about what add-ons are and other stuff! Add-ons are like mods for games but are usually made by random people that can make anything they want. Add-ons could get sometimes weird and cool it depends on the one you subscribe to. There's a thing also called dupes which are buildings, self-made robots, or even something random that people put them there so others can use that dupe to look at it or use or to have fun. If you don't like or you do you can comment and rate the dupe if you like to.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
To end this article I am gonna be talking about the servers and game-modes the people have created! As you can see above this you can see the list of game modes and players and servers. Once you click on one it shows you the servers that the people are hosting. The most popular game modes are Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT), DarkRP, Sandbox, and etc. My most favorite server is the DarkRP servers. So what you do is buying things like money printers, and start printing money to gain more, there are more things but it depends on the server's
add-ons it has. My second favorite server is World War 2 servers it used to be popular but they shut it down, but there are still similar servers out there!

I've played 941 hours on Garry's mod as of right now. So if you're looking forward to buying it you should!
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Author Fred112
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