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ARK: Survival Evolved (B2P)
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My Opinion about ARK

ARK Survival Evolved has been my number 1 game for a long time and I found it incredibly enjoyable I have put 700 hours into it currently and I have enjoyed every hour. I have joined hundreds of servers and downloaded 50g of mods, (so ark is taking 100g of storage FML) and every server I have been on I have been raided by some stronger person or tribe that has annihilated my base at first it is soul crushing but every time I learn one more thing until 1 day I hope I will be the guy that will destroy everyone. Also, I love the amount of choice you get with servers, you think it, they got it unlike in rust where you get a choice of bad or worse and die every few seconds. If you do play this game you will definitely put time into it, and they are always adding new stuff like the Tek gear, new dinos, maps, story, there will never be a time where you have nothing to do in ARK.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The whole building part about ark is amazing from time to time it will get annoying but there are some seriously talented people that play this game and they make some amazing buildings and houses and build amazing dino sheds that will hold your pets in the most comfortable fashion. Although I have only built tiny wooden structures I can dream when I look at the photo above, and since I am extremely impatient I go on X100 gather servers and even then I don't have the time to build huge walls the tower over the biggest dinosaurs. I use 4 tiny stone gates. I have never ever managed to build in metal, it cost SOOO much to build a foundation or a wall so I only build in wood or stone. So another reason why people like me spend so much time in this game. So all together the building in this game is fun and it may not be easy to make or sometimes place but got damn is it amazing
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The fact that the servers in this game are all multiplayer just means more opportunity for good or for bad, bad being the fact that you could go to bed one night with your dinos alive and well and your base made of wood and you get wiped off the server but a guy with a T-Rex and good meaning you can make a tribe and alliances, raid others and have wars between huge tribes. As well as the character customization, ARK is known for character customization you can make the tallest man ever with the smallest arms, it was stupid what you could make with a little imagination and sliding the head width bar all the way right and turning his face into something only a mother would love. But all around this is a great game and I think anyone should get this game and try it out every purchase helps the developers out in making new content.
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