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Best lane for solo Q?


Welcome to my guide where I hope to provide some information that players can take to get out of iron-platinum elo. I've played various roles throughout my 11 years of playing league. I'm currently Dia 1 and peaked GM 60points.

A few things to know about this guide:

*Most of these suggestions are easy to implement and will be beneficial to you if you allow yourself to learn and are prepared to be consistent.

*When I can, I use statistics or "cold, hard facts" to support my arguments. Otherwise, I'll give you a personal development example.

I start off by giving you advice that is personal to you, highlighting how making some small adjustments to who you are as a person may have a significant impact on how well you perform in the League. (and probably many other aspects of life). The majority of games are lost, at least for the typical player, not necessarily due to a lack of skill but rather, believe it or not, psychological factors.

I then move on to actual game advice, discussing particular strategies that also aided in my speedy ascent. Details like how many characters you should play and purposefully avoiding "auto-piloting" are discussed in order to give your team an advantage over the competition.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now.. Let's talk about the role that's the best in ranking up

Top - this role is a great in climbing up and may require some tank duty to enable your carries. But imo if you're going to play top and you're in iron-silver you should play a bruiser/tank champion with hard cc like K'sante.

Jungle - jungle is one of the hardest roles in the game because you have to think about your rotation around the map as they change depending on the current situation of the game. In this role you'll need to play a champion with fast clearing to get ahead of the enemy jungler and gank lanes faster as it impacts the game. (Udyr, Rek'sai & Nunu)

Mid - this role is the most prone to gank out of all the other lanes as you've got to have vision and attention on both sides of your lane. I'd suggest a champion that has mobility in case of ganks or champs that have good early-mid game 1v2 capabilities. (Irelia, Sylas & Yone)

ADC - this role will depend on champion synergy with your support. Unless you're in Iron-Silver where nobody cares about synergy you're gonna have to pick a carry that's flexible and has good mobility for better kiting. (Lucian & Ezreal) Champions like Samira and Nilah are also good but you'll need a support that enables them.

Support - in order to be successful in lane you'll need to pair with your adc, at champ select I suggest that you ask what champion will your adc choose and decide on what champ pairs with that. In any case that your adc doesn't respond or when your first pick. Champs that are good in with most adc are Braum, tresh & lulu.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Keep in mind that all of these suggestions are all based on my experience with the game throughout my 11 years of the game. It's good to explore and experiment on other champs to main as there are game changes per patch. But it's also good to play in your comfort zone were you feel more confident. You perform at your best when you're more confident. Trust me, I've tried maining other champions and didn't feel as confident and missed a lot of chances to win lane/ kill my opponent.

The secret to everything is consistency
In the end, consistency is the key to growth. Consistency is the overarching principle of this guide and all of my advice. Consistency is achieved by mastering a select group of champions and focusing on a single role. Consistency results from reducing toxicity/negative elements. Utilizing reliable statistical variables results in consistency. Consistency is achieved by putting your attention on actually playing the game rather than 'blogging'.

You must maintain consistency if you really want to get better. You shouldn't just read something, give it a shot, and then utterly disregard it. Make an effort to grow personally and professionally.

The key lesson is that psychology frequently plays a major role in losses. Making yourself better will not just make the game better.

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