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World Robots is it worth downloading ?

If you like robot game well this game is worth your time if you didn't know this game is a mobile game you can play it on a Android Phone or a IOS (iPhone) .
You have a lot of choice when it comes to robots you have faster robots with low damage (dmg) or slower robots with high dmg (damage) you can change the weapons that they carry and upgrade them by buying other weapons.
Its a competitive online game that can be played only on official servers it has a high player rate so you don't have to wait a lot to get in to a game the you can't chat in this game but i hope they will add a choice to play with your friends but maybe one day they will add this option.
The map is not very big but depending on the robot that you taken it will be faster to go around or slower depending on the moving speed of your robot.
The weapons are very different on dmg stats but you need to look on how they will slow your robot so you don't get a slow robot like a ant you mostly need a fast and high health points (hp) robot.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Some robots can fly for a little bit or use dash a action that makes them move fast in the direction that they are pointing to.
You can use rocket projectiles as weapons or guns in my opinion you should use both if your robot can handle 2-3 weapons cause you need to shoot fast with the gun if someone is targeting you and use some rockets to deal more and more damage (dmg) so you can kill your opponents faster and get the flag.
To win you need to capture all the point on the map or most of them in the time limit without your opponents capturing it so you need to kill everyone when they spawn and always defend a point so they can capture it it always good to defend the flags if you want to win some of your opponents will say that you are a camper but let's be real the game was made like that so you can camp so if they think that you are a camper just ignore them and be more clever than them show them who is the real champion and don't get scared by what they are saying always ignore them if they try to make you feel sad.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So if you read all the article until here (no one is reading my articles i don't know why cause they are pretty great and better than the other ones that i saw on the bananapedia but idk) this game is worth your time and you should 100% try it and if you like robots or robots games its even better i always play it on my phone when i am going
somewhere on a plane or with a car cause i can spend some big hours without even noticing and this is very good when you are going somewhere and you don't like to look on the window or do anything else so you should download this game is free too so you don't have to pay anything.
You have 2 currency in this game gold and silver.
If you want to play this game in school class i don't say that you can't but you won't even notice the time passing by and the teacher may enter the class and take your phone if in your school/county you can't carry phones in school i don't know why cause i always carry my phone with me even if its against the rules cause i need to get calls and things like that anyway.
If you wanna try this game remember that is free bye !
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