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CSGO Prime (B2P)
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Counter Strike Global Offensive - Is it over-hyped by the gaming community?

As a casual gamer, I knew of a lot of people who played CSGO. I mean, it is one of the most downloaded games on Steam. I never bought it because I wasn't interested in shelling out 16$ on a game I didn't know if I would like. One of friends bought me a copy so I could play with him. My first impression of the game was of a clean cut, easily navigated game that took some time to learn all of the tricks on how to play. Then, I played my first competitive game. When that first game ended, I knew what I wanted to do - play another one. I had found the side of the game that so many others knew. I now have over 1000 hours on the game and play it almost daily. I have played with toxic people and lost games big or queued with a group of friends and lost even worse. But one thing was for sure, I couldn't stop playing. Upset over losses, ecstatic over wins, I was addicted.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The thing about Valves masterpiece of CSGO, is there is always something to do. If you have a competitive ban, play any type of casual or offline. Maybe join in on the event for some special rewards. Bored? You aren't trying hard enough. CSGO is played worldwide and is a huge pillar of success in the sports world. The game gives you even higher adrenaline highs than sports, all from the computer of your table. One thing that you have to applaud Valve over is weapon skins. No one who plays the game now can imagine the game without them, and they have helped Valve put up record profits year after year. 100's of gambling sites have popped up to give players a chance to improve on the skins they have, or, if you don't want to leave the steam platform, you can always open a few cases, although you will probably lose money. Unboxing a knife has become a quest for some streamers and pros, while others get one first try.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I have since kicked my CSGO addiction. I play every week or so with a group of friends and it's pretty relaxed, yet sometimes I will still just queue by myself and play for a day. The game really has everything from good graphics to impressive physics. The millions of daily players atone to way a title with a 2012 release date is still relevant in a world where new games pop up daily. So yeah, I would say that CSGO lived up to the hype that still surrounds it. It is a game that you really can play for a living, or just once or twice a month with friends. Want skins? Buy them or get them from drop. Don't really care? No one is judging you. One big problem with the game that I found is that if you have one or two nice items, scammers will flock to you looking for a profit, so be careful. Still, all in all, I believe that CSGO lived up to the hype. Have Fun!
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