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Beginner's guide to ARK's Lost Island map

Hello, everyone today we will talk about the Lost Island map In ARK. First let's cover base locations. Let's talk about resource locations. First up we've got silica pearls. Silica pearls can be found in abundance at the end of the river in the south west of the map. The coordinates are 63.5 and 74.7. As soon as you're underwater you will easily see that there are hundreds if not thousands of silica pearls to be taken. There aren't too many creatures to worry about either. Just you and the silica pearls. Scuba gear is highly recommended. A may-wing is also a good idea to bring you here so that it can carry the pearls for you. Next up we've got black pearls and for as valuable resources black pearls are they're incredibly easy to collect on this map. There is a pond at 39.4 and 64.4 where there is an anbundance of silica pearls. Definitely bring a scuba gear and a maywing to carry the black pearls. The pond is right next to the geysers by the volcano, just follow a little stream down and you will find it. Next on the list of resources we've got beaver dams which provide cementing paste. Beaver dams spawn on rivers so the best place to find them is the river I mentioned for silica pearls.

As you go up the river it will have many branches where you will find many beaver dams as well. Next you'll probably need oil at some point and the best place to collect that is neae the volcano in this really weird oily biome. There are nodes that will give you tons of oil. I reccomend using a mining drill here. Lastly if you head out to the desert you will find lots of cactus which you can mine for cactus sap. Organic polymer can be collected by killing the mantis also found in the desert area. Chainsaw is the best tool to use for harvesting the polymer. The cave for artifact of the brute is located at 88.8 and 80.6 . The artifact of the clever is located at 27 and 41.5. The artifact of the cunning is located in a cave near a landbridge at 59 and 71.5. Both the artifact of the devious and the artifact of the massive can be found at 62.5 and 46.5 between four rocks in the middle of the river. Next the artifact of the devourer is located at 82.1 and 15.5 there is a shipwreck but I won't spoil much for you. The artifact of the hunter is located at 37 and 10.4.

This has two entrances which merge to one large cave. The artifact of the immune is located at 28.5 and 71.5. The artifact of the pack is located at 39.4 and 29.8. The artifact of the skylord is located at 61.6 and 56.6. Lastly,the artifact of the strong is located at 28.2 And 54.1. Now with resource spawns and artifact caves out of the way let's talk about a few tips and tips to help you in lost island. Lost island is a huge map. It is the biggest map by far so you absolutely need a maewing and also a cinemacrops. Prioritize them like your life depends on it. Thank me later, I promise. Now there are a ton of other creatures there which you shouldn't forget are absolutely necessary for making your life easier. Magmasaur is a great harvester(for metal) and the managarmr is the best for pvp. The artifact caves in this game have labryinths so they shouldn't be underestimated. Unless you have unbelievable patience, don't do them without a video to guide you. Well, that's it for today thank you and have a good day.

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