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How to Use the GoVaHo

Hello, everyone. I am back again to join you on your clash of clans journey. Today I will talk about an attack strategy for town hall 8. That strategy is GoVaHo, also known as golems, valkyrie and hog riders. While these three are the main troops that remain in your attack, these are not the only troops you will use. Now what you use is your preference as you have very less housing space after training the rest of the army. Now I train my army in the following way: 12 hog riders, 5 valkyries, 2 golems, 2 archers, 2 minions, 5 wall-breakers, and 6 wizards. So this takes 200 housing space which is also the max housing space for town hall 8. Let me tell you the housing space for all troops. One hog rider takes 5 housing space, One Valkyrie takes 8 housing space, One golem takes 30 housing space, One archer takes 1 housing space, One minion takes 2 housing space, One wall-breaker takes 2 housing space, and lastly one wizard takes 4 housing space. Now, it's time for the spells. The spells are also dependent on your preference.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I use two heal spells, one rage spell, and one poison spell. Now let's talk about the housing space for each spell. One heal spell takes up two housing space which means four housing space for two heal spells. One rage spell also takes two housing space. One poison spell takes only one housing space. This takes a total of 7 housing space which is also the max amount of housing space for spells in town hall 8. Now, let's talk about how you use this strategy. Keep in mind though that I will use the strategy above. You might tweak it according to your choice but assuming you don't do so you should follow the points below. Golems are tanky troops. They will soak up the damage from the defences while other troops attack the buildings. Golems despite being big and tanky are very slow and do very low damage. They are also useful for disarming traps to save your other troops with low hitpoints. Once you deploy the golem, let the traps disarm and the defences lock onto the golem. Then drop three of your wizards and 2 of your wall-breakers behind the golem.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

If any clan castle troops show up then use your poison spell and let the wizards take care of it. Then, once the walls are opened deploy all of your hog riders. The hog riders will most likely run into giant bombs so prepare one heal spell for the hog riders in case they get close to a giant bomb or a wizard tower. Don't use both of your heal spells on the hog rider as you will need the heal spells for valkyries. On the other side of the base, deploy one golem and then deploy the rest of your troops except for the barbarian king and the archers and minions. Now which way you want to drop your barbarian king depends on you. Once you have chosen where to deploy the king deploy him and use the archers and minions to take down any corner builder huts or to clean up the base. If you haven't used your poison spell use it on the remaining clan castle troops, skeletons or the enemy barbarian king. Once you have fine all of this put the rage spell on where you think most of your troops will go. Once you do this you are done with the attack and have most likely three-starred the base. That's it for the GoVaHo strategy. Good luck and have a good day guys.

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