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How to Apex Legends (Apex Legends guide)

Okay, before I start reviewing this game, I need to explain what it's about. So apex legends is a battle royale, there's different characters that you can use, the characters are called ''legends'' each legend has different unique abalities, at first you get about 6 or 5 legends, kind of forgot, anyways, the game has 4 game modes: Arena, Trios Battle Royale, Duos Battle Royale and Ranked Battle royale mode, all game modes have a map timer except ranked, every time the timer ends, the next map comes on, in battle royale mode there is only 2 maps, olympus and world's edge (world's edge is my favorite, olympus is kinda bad) there used to be another map called king's canyon but its gone, now THAT one was my favorite, but since its gone, world's edge is. Anyways, getting kills in the game is very satisfying, the gun mechanichs are amazing, the gun models are really nice, and so are the maps, there is also chats so you can communicate with your teammates incase you don't have a microphone, okay so, the game starts with everyone choosing their legends, teammates cannot choose the same legend sadly, would be cool if they could, cause sometimes your teammate chooses a legend you main and then you have to stick with another one

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Now I will tell you each legend and their abilities, well, not all legends, but the main ones, skip this if you want, Bloodhound has a special ability which is like ESP, it lets you see where people are, but, they need to be inside your range, they cant be far, Bloodhound's ultimate is called beast of the hunt, it makes you run faster, turns your screen grayish but the enemies are glowing red, it's pretty cool if you ask me. Next character is Gibraltar aka gibby, gibby's special is that he can place a very big shield for a few seconds, but, his passive is that he has a shield everytime he aims his weapon, Gibby's ultimate allows him to start a mortar strike, it doesn't really deal much damage and it doesn't really have a large range, similar to bangalore's ultimate, except bangalore starts a missile raid, missiles drop from the sky, cover up a good ton of space, when every missile drops, they have about 3 seconds until they all blow up, in the order of how each dropped, bangalore's special is smoke, you can shot 2 smoke bombs, making you invisible to the enemies for a short periodt of time, it's enough time to revive a teammate, or heal, but, if bloodhound is an enemy, you're done for, next character is lifeline, lifeline is a medic, she also has a robot pet, who is really cute and amazing, lifeline's special is taking out her robot pet and then the pet heals everyone around it in seconds, her passive is reviving a teammate with her bot, you don't need to be near the teammate to keep reviving, just go to the knocked teammate and press revive, then the bot comes out and revives, then you can protect your teammate and your bot, next character is pathfinder, pathfinder is one of the best and nicest legends in the game, pathfinder is a robot who has a special that allows him to grapple and an ultimate that can make a zipline from very far away. Wraith is a girl who can travel inside the void for a few seconds, her special is running through the void, you turn invisible but there's blue trails showing where you are, the enemy still can't shoot you since you're in the void, her ultimate is making a portal, Wraith can start a portal somewhere, then, start running very fast and end it somewhere else, your teammates can enter your portal, well enemies can too, but you can use that portal as a trap, and finish it near the enemies, then go back and camp at the start of the portal, those are the characters you get from the start.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The game then starts and shows your banners, or whatever they're called, the banners show your game stats, well, you can customize it but at first it only shows how many kills you have, then after the banners, it shows the champion's banners, the champions are the players who won last matches or did the best, not really sure, but, i'll just go with it, then after the champion's the game starts with everyone in a ship flying ontop of the map, everyone jumps with jetpacks and lands whereever they want, then they start looting, if you don't have a weapon you can just use your fists they deal like 30 damage, there's shields, guns, medkits, shield cells (they restore your armor's health if you lost some), syringes, gun attachments, and alot more, you can also check out loot bins around the map, those have about 4 or 5 things inside them, there's also jump towers you can use to fly up in he sky, you will start to drop in a few seconds, but, you can get to places faster. While everyone is looting, there is a circle called The Ring, you need to stay inside The Ring, everytime the ring's timer is over, the ring gets shorter, and any player out of the ring has to run before the storm catches them, the storm deals you damage, damage depends on how far you're in the match, only one squad can survive.

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