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Blade and Soul
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My opinion on Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a free MMORPG with the unique take of being focused more on player versus player combat instead of player versus enemy combat. It has a lot of unique things going for it to make it worth trying out. One of the first reasons you should try it out is because of it's class variety, in Blade & Soul, you don't need to worry too much about what classes are going into a dungeoning party because most of the classes are more or less the same, the worst you could possibly need when doing a boss is a player that can stealth, or protect the party from attacks, an ability that a good portion of the classes have. So pick the class you want to play, whether you want to wield an axe and decimate anyone that gets in your way, or be a summoner and annoy people with that cat that just won't seem to stop attacking you, there's a class here that meets almost anyone's wants and needs.
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Another thing I like about Blade & Soul is character customization, not only are there dozens of sliders and options to allow you to get your character exactly the way you want em to look, but there are also 4 options of races to choose from, whether it's being the classic Jins(humans) The giant Gons, the sleek, female exclusive Yuns, or the small, neko/kitsune like Lyns. I bet most players wouldn't be disappointed that they didn't get a character to look exactly how they wanted it to look. Next up, I'd like to talk about costumes, because unlike most mmo's where your character is stuck looking like an idiot because you have to keep the gear that gives the best stats on, the way your character looks, and the gear you use to be strong in battle are completely separate, meaning you don't have to sacrifice style for power, or be forced to pay money to do the exact same thing like in other games.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lastly, I'd like to talk about the combat, it has a unique approach to fighting, unlike other fighting games where any hit starts a long combo full of a bunch of different hits, in order to do the same in Blade & Soul, you'd have to stun, or knock them down, and attack them while they're helpless, this can lead to many different team comps in pvp to make sure the enemy never gets out of the fight alive. The combat is not for everyone however, because some people have one class that just annoys the crap out of them in a 1v1, as a Warlock I know I hate going up against force masters, it's an auto loss for me. Although others say that as long as you know what you're doing, you can win any match up, and I do win against Force Masters on occasion, there's always going to be one class you have some difficulty playing against. I'd recommend you to play this because it is a free game, so it's worth a shot playing. The only downside is that if your computer isn't all that great, the game might only run at 15 fps in open world and 30 in duels. Hope this helped!
5.0 (2)
Author Hanabi
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