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World of Tanks
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Best tanks for play and my advice what to play,silver tutorial and Chinese tanks

Hello guys this is my tutorial how to play world of tanks.
First you need to take to play best tanks.For me thats : Soviet grind line all,USA all grinds line and now Chinese grind lines are really great ! So,for USA my advice is to grind first M48 Patton line from E2 Sherman Jumbo,from there you can go to the T110E5 which isnt so great but it isnt bad tank.M48 Patton's line has really good gun depression and great rate of fire,T110E5's too.There is T110E3 tech tree which is awesome !! With T95 you will leader and nobody won't penetrate you...T110E3 and T28 are awesome too.This TD grind line has awesome gun and armor.Best thing on USA tanks are that you can go to the TDs,MT,HT with one tank wow !
There are Soviet tanks too they are really great.They have 3 grind line one tank too.Best Tier 10 on Soviet nation is Object 705A.He has great gun,great armor and you can bounce APCR so easly.For Soviet MT i love Object 430U its awesome.He's more heavy tank than medium.Soviet TD are great too,they have OMG gun and great armor.I really like SU 85 it's awesome !
You should play Chinese and Polish tanks !
And for this little tutorial end i want to say you to don't worry to anything just play and be cool.And don't play British,France,CZ tanks.
See you and battlefield and good luck !!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Hello guys this is my tutorial how to get silvers in World of Tanks.
You have 2 ways to get silvers :
-play tier V,VI or VII
-finish the campaign or basic missions
For me tier V VI or VII is better way to getting silvers.When you to that add premium account you will get 100 000 silvers or 200 000 if you had a good battle.So,play mediums or tank destroyers because they have not expensive repair but great gun and you could make lot of damage and spot.Lights are good way too,but you get to tier VIII and they can kill you easly and because better is mediums and TDs
Basic missions or campaign is good way to get silvers too.Now,on december you can get really awesome stuff and lot of silvers,bond,golds and premium tanks but you must to buy boxes.It's very good way and what you get you will profite !
So, this was little silver tutorial !
See you on battlefield and GL !
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Hello guys this is my tutorial how to play world of tanks Chinese tech tree.
They have really good tank destroyers with awesome armor and great gun.You can easly play like Jp.E100 with their tank destroyers.They are awesome !!
For mediums they have good line,not bad not awesome.Tier X 121 is great.He has 440 alpha damage and 258 penetration which is killing tanks.Other tanks on line are great too.
For tank destroyers they have WZs with awesome gun.Tier X WZ 113G FT has 750 alpha damage and 290 penetration :O . It's scary to be one versus one when he's on good map.So other tanks are great too.Good armor and awesome gun made that almost perfect combination.
Heavy tanks are brutal.New tier X WZ 111 5-1 have awesome armor and great gun like 121.They all are very fast and really great tanks.Armor is very funny on that tanks.
So this was my tutorial on Chinese tanks,bye !
See you on battlefield and GL !
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