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The witch slap in town hall 9

Hello, everyone. I am back again to join you on your clash of clans journey. Today I will talk about an attack strategy for town hall 9. This strategy is called the witches or the witch slap, which is mostly golems/healers and witches. Witch slap is probably one of the easiest attacks in clash of clans. And it's much simpler than the Goho or Avalanche attack too. So you are supposed to tank with the golems and deploy wiches behind the golems so that the skeletons get some time to form a team and then form a big group of skeletons. I train my army in the following way: 2 golems worth sixty housing space, 11 witches worth 132 housing space, 5 wizards worth 20 housing space, and 4 wall-breakers worth 8 housing space. So this takes up a total of 220 housing space which is also the max housing space for town hall 9. Now the following are the spells you need for this attack: 1 heal spell worth two housing space, One rage spell worth two housing space, two jump spells worth four housing space and one skeleton spell worth one housing space which brings up a total of 9 housing space for spells. For clan castle troops I would recommend a pekka, bowlers, or golems. A golem and a poison is the best in my opinion.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

One of the easiest attacks in town hall 9 is the witches or the witch slap. This is the easiest attack so you could argue if it's the best attack in town hall 9 but there are attacks that are more difficult to perform but far superior in strength. For the witch slap, it's pretty straight forward. One golem and a few witches on one side of the base. One golem and a few witches in the other side of the base with one golem and few witches on the center alongside your heroes. Deploy the witches on the outside with the golems first before the ones in the center because that helps to set the funnel. Wall breakers on the outside layer as with the other attacks so you can use a jump to get to the center and use a jump to get out of the center. A rage can be used early on to power yourself into the core of the base and then use a heal spell in the core where all the troops meet. The poison is the only spell that you use based on where the clan castle troops go. Nothing else changes at all.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

That is how you deploy this strategy across almost all of the bases. There is a variation with healers if the air defences are tucked inside the base. You can use healers instead of golems but the golems tend to be a better option. The only thing that you need to think about is where do I attack from in the base. It can depend on base design as maybe it's a bit narrower and makes sense to attack from a different side. You really need to maximize entering to the heroes if possible so that yiu can take down the enemy queen as well as much splash damage as possible so if you rewind you will see that all the wizard towers were on that side of the base when you are using your rage spell. You've also got tanking from the golems. You need to take down the splash so that you then have your witches and remaining troops on the back end of the base because while this isn't a flawless example you will find that your troops start widdling out but you will have enough power to get through and get the three stars.

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