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The Last Of Us Review And Rating

Hey guys!The Legendary Vegetable is back.This time it's hitting you guys with the most popular, anticipated and amazing game ever....THE LAST OF US!I will be going over some amazing things that I like and giving it a rating based off how many people like it, how fun it is, what my opinion is and the pricing.

First off well go over this, what is the last of us?An optimistic and sad survivor of the zombie outbreak is a person named Joel, about mid-fifties.He had a daughter back when he was 30 or 40 and he was divorced.While he went to go shopping, he also checked on his cousin.His daughter at home alone was frantic when she found out he was gone.He later came back with his cousin who had turned into a zombie following him and trying to infect him.He had to kill him.The U.S Military was spreading
everywhere to try and contain the virus but too many got infected too fast.Joel's brother Tommy called him and him, Sara and Tommy got in a car to try and escape the area.There was a huge traffic jam sadly so they had to go the other way.While going, they were hit by a truck and crashed.Everyone survived but Sara had a broken leg.Joel carried her and then found a SWAT Team Person.Joel begged him to help them but the SWAT Person thought they were infected so he shot them.Joel didn't get shot luckily but Sara was.Tommy later came and shot him in the head.Joel desperately tried to save Sara but she didn't survive.
That's the story of the Last Of Us.Joel was scarred for life after his daughter died.A friend of his had a girl named Ellie who Joel was tasked to bring to a resistance group called the fireflies.Ellie was about 16 almost 17 at the time.Her Mother and Father had left her and everyone else she cared about either got infected or died.Whenever Joel looked at Ellie, he was reminded of his own daughter.
In the end, when Joel reached the fireflies Ellie couldn't breathe because she almost drowned.The FireFly convoy had reached them and thought they were enemies.They repeatedly told Joel to put his hands up and get down but Joel didn't stop and kept trying to do CPR on Ellie.They knocked him out and he ended up in a bed.They told him he was safe.Joel asked about Ellie and the leader told them she was being prepped for surgery.Joel was confused and asked why.Due to a very rare genetic mutation, Ellie had a special gene in her brain that allowed her to be immune to zombie bites and infections no matter how many times she got bit.Throughout the game, she did get bit and she kept hidden from Joel.Joel knew they would cut her brain out which would kill her to reverse engineer a vaccine.He disagreed with her and he tried to fight to get Ellie back which in the end he did.He also killed the leader of the fireflies so she wouldn't come back after them.Overall, they teamed up with many people and had many issues throughout the story.
For $17 to buy, I would give it a 9.8/10
For selling over 10 million copies worldwide I give it a 10/10
For being the most anticipated game according to reviewers and youtubers I give it a 10/10
For being an extremely action-packed and fun game with suspense and theme I give it a 9.5/10
For being realistically possible and the unique idea of the game, with stunning character personality I give it :9/10

Hope you guys liked it and also, go check out this Last Of Us Youtuber!His name is Superjombombo and he did Grounded mode(hardest difficulty)
and shows you where to find ALL the collectibles including gears and artifacts.
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