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Why Minecraft is NOT Competitive Game? (Minecraft ESL)

Ok, guys, I´m back, I am ELcesaR and I was thinking a lot about this game...Minecraft and I remember that Minecraft was selected for ESL to be a Competitive Game, but we know the truth and
I will tell you why Minecraft was not defined as a competitive game.

1- Minecraft is NOT a Competitive Game

Ok, ok, I know it sounds trite, but OBVIOUSLY, Minecraft is NOT a Competitive Game is a F*CKING Sandbox,
Minecraft was designed to be a game where we can survive in a vast open world full of animals, and monsters at night, and also a game where we can let loose our imagination and make wonderful constructions and not a game where we have to destroy ourselves to stupid blows.

2- Its Family Friendly

Markuss Persson "Notch" is illuminati (Ok no :v ), Notch is a genius, Minecraft is for everyone, everyone can get Minecraft, even a pandicorn and for that Minecraft is Family Friendly like youtube (but without censored).

Also, Why you think that exits so many merchandises? as Lego, Shirts, Glasses, Toys, Funkos, etc
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3- The Mods

There are more mods in Minecraft than ants at the world. There are mods of whatever they are, Mods of Zelda, Iron Man, Mutant Monsters, Guns, Biomes, Builds, Mario, Sonic, Lucky Blocks, Families and
It would be the height that there was a mod of memes (oh wait, it already exists :) ).

In the ESL that will be a Fail, a GREAT FAIL. Because you imagine a player using the Kamehameha and another using a Bijudama.

Yeah, Yeah, I know that exists Mods so helpful for the PVP, but in the ESL that can be taken as a cheat and later on the disqualification.

4- Hackers

Hahahaha, I think many of you expected to mention Hackers, and here they are, Minecraft is an easy hacker game, so easy that even a baby could download customers to hack the game and use them to win.

With the Hacks you can:
- Fly
- Run faster
- Walk on the water
- Have Perfect Aim
- Have Infinite Health
- Etc

And Its OBVIOUSLY you know...disqualification.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
5- Toxic Comunity

The Best for the End, the toxic community of Minecraft, there are many people who get angry for the simple fact of having removed an object from their inventory or simply for having killed them (this is how life is earned and lost) and that is really, I still have not explained why children 12 years old or less in a duel, start to write many sh*ts and stupid things, I mean, they are 12 years old, is it that they do not teach manners at home?

And is that if we analyze, the same adolescents or adults are angry to lose or just because they want to f*ck and if you do not believe you can go to twitch or YouTube and find clips or compilations of YouTubers angry playing competitive Minecraft.

Well, guys, that's all for me.

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Thank You for reading this Article and Have a Nice Day :D
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