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Minecraft is it dead?

Minecraft was one of the most popular games back 4 years, and many of the old players have moved away, and grow out of it, but many stayed. So I think that Minecraft is not a dead game because if you look on youtube there are still thousands of videos being uploaded to youtube each day about Minecraft. One great example of this is that many of the biggest YouTubers are Minecraft YouTubers, and that shows that there is still an audience for people who want to want Minecraft videos on youtube. One of these big Minecraft YouTubers is Captainsparklez who has over 10 million subscribers, and all of his videos get millions of views each time he uploads, even if it is a longer video. This being how it is shown that the Minecraft community is still strong and growing and that they are very active and doing things in the community.
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Also since Microsoft bought Minecraft a couple of years back, and they have done many new things be it making Windows 10 Minecraft or just regularly updating the game, and with the modding community making mods and maps for the game, just add on to the amount of content that there is to be played in Minecraft. With the biggest source of content being in multiplayer content made in the game with command blocks and plugins, because anyone can easily go on servers. There is so much content that there are several programs that are made so that you can play mod packs easily, and they are very popular with several thousands of mod packs made and popularized by many of the YouTubers playing them together on there youtube channel with their other youtube friends. This is why some mod packs are very popular, but when compared to severs they are less popular because more people can access it even easier than mod packs.
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So in conclusion after all this time Minecraft is not a dead game and you should give it a try. This is because the sheer amount of content that is in Minecraft just makes it so that if you look for something to do you will always have something to do. You should give it another chance if you used to play the game because there is most definitely more content now then it was if you quitted a couple of years ago then there will be more things to play, or if you want to start new there are, even more, things that you can play if you because you could start with the survival, and then slowly start to learn more and more about the game, which is one of the funniest things if you do it with some good friends, because you will go through thick and thin. This is but the thing about Minecraft is that it is a very quick learning curve if you play the game you can get good, so that is why you should play the game.
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