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How to get a lot of Bananas with SAO's Legend (Begginers Guide +How to level up fast)

SAO's Legend is a MMO rpg that is easy to level up and get lots of bananas.

To register:

1. Type your username

2. Type your e-mail

3. Type your password

4. Just re-type your password

5. Then just click register

Now after you register you will have to check your email.

to do that you simply have to go to the top right of the screen where it says " Hi, *your nickname* " when you see that you have to pass your cursor right on top of that text and a new box will pop up it will say:

" Account settings " and " Log out "

You will have to click account settings

After that a new box will pop up, on the left side of that box click "Account Manager". Then you will see your e-mail.

Click " Verify&Edit ", then click " Verify Email ".

You will receive an E-mail on your mailbox, after that Click on the E-mail you received and just click on the link.

Now your e-mail is verified.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now to level up you have to enter the game by selecting a server and clicking play.

After you join the game you have to choose between 4 classes:

1. Swordsman

2. Ranger

3. Priest

4. knight

Choose the class you like the most (*cof* *cof* swordsman )

After that type a nickname you want on the little box on the bottom.

Now you just click play.

When you enter SAO's Legend you will spawn in a floating platform where you will have to start a quest from " SAO designer ".

your character will walk and kill enemies automatically you will have to accept all the quests the game gives to you.

If you click anywhere on the screen the auto-battle feature will be disabled, but if you press the auto battle button it will be activated again

To know what quests you have already accepted, look at the right of the screen where it says " Quests ".
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now If you want to level up a lot my tip for you is that you leave your game open on the browser and keep the auto battle button activated, so when you go to sleep your character keep killing monsters while you sleep, and then in the next morning you get a lot of XP to complete your quests.

To make it even easier you can get a pet or a weapon from daily reward that will help you kill monsters and complete quests even faster.

When you complete a quest you can get better gear.

So to equip it you will have to click on your backpack and then your inventory will pop up, on the right side of your inventory click " Gear ".

Then all of your Gear will show up.

After that select the gear you want to equip.

Left click it.

And then press " Gear ".

Remember that you need to have the required level of the equipment to wear it.

Then after lots of farming, you will get to the level of your bananatic quest then you just have to take a screenshot of your character's level
and send to them in the bananatic quest menu. Good Luck.
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