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Roblox games reviews ( My favorites games on Roblox )

Game name: Armored Patrol v9.0
Vehicles vs vehicles
Like/dislike ratio is good!

Handling: You might need a decent/OK PC to play this game

About: It's mostly about 2 teams RED&BLUE try to take over objectives A, B, and C in military vehicles. Such as tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and much more! Explosives everywhere, gun shots everywhere, vehicles noises from blown out parts of vehicles and fire! You could build defences in the objects so you could camp there and protect. You could also upgrade your skills to get better stuff! My favourite vehicle is the artillery tank. It's really good for medium-high range. My second favorite is the helicopter and I mostly use it for the missiles.

Fun game for people who like booms & pows!
Cons: On some servers, people might be spawn killing
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Game name: Contagion
Player vs Player vs Zombies
Good/dislike ratio is good! ( This is a remake of the game )

Handling: You might need a decent PC to play this game

About: If you ever heard of the game Unturned or DayZ It's mostly like this. But the people never heard of those games, well I'll tell you about this game. I've played this game in 2013-2015 so I know what this game is mostly about. There's town's, farms, cities and other regions for you to find food, water, guns, cars, etc. You may face a zombie or another player so watch out.
My last this to say is you could also spawn bosses and kill them for loot!

Team up with players
Kill players (PvP)
Rare guns
A bank where you could save your stuff
When it's foggy and night time you can't really see
Needs a decent PC to play
Bugs/Glitches in map
Rarely happens but exploiters but be there
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Well, those two are my favorite games. I hope you try those games and tell me if you like them too! If you want to add me on Roblox my username is "coolmessi12345" and send me a message that you found me on this article. I am new on bananatic so I tried to do this article to get 250 bananas and 250 XP. If you would also like to get 250 Bananas and 250 XP then you should try to do an article on some other game or this game. Or maybe a video about this or another game. This article only took me about 20-30 mins if you know about the thing you're writing about. If you see something that doesn't make sense tell me so I could fix it and others won't get confused! If you would like to add something then message me! Rate this article and I'll see if I can Improve. My fingers hurt while writing this lol.
5.0 (4)
Author Fred112
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