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Apex Legends Review!

Apex Legends

What's up, today I will give you my opinion on Apex Legends. I've been playing the game for about a year now since it's early days and I have stuck with it because of its awesome gameplay, its gameplay is very balanced sure there are some flaws here and there (mozambique) but its still able to provide a very nice experience with new maps and more! So What is Apex Legends? Apex Legends is a battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and was released on February 2019, This game is set in the same universe as the famous hit first-person shooter "Titanfall" which is set in a futuristic timeline. Apex Legends take place 30 years after the war which changed the world forever. The man who owns the apex games knows as "Blisk" is a character you can meet in "Titanfall 2" which is a cool little thing in the game for me. This game has some wonderful maps which I will get into now.


  • King's Canyon - My favorite map by far due to its spectacular design and backstory, it also has my favorite place which is skull town because its practically a kill fest in there this map is a big desert and the smallest map in the game which allows for faster game time.
  • World's Edge - I wouldn't say it's my favorite map but from what I've seen it is a decent map with lots of sniping spots. This map is just a huge run down city which was caused by a huge ice explosion which you can find in the map.
  • Olympus - Olympus to me is a great map not only is it huge but vehicles were introduced with it too! Olympus is a huge city that seems to be not run down unlike World's Edge. It's vibrant and wonderful colors are sure to really make you feel alive.

But enough about the maps lets get to the main guys The Legends.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The Legends

  • Wraith - She is an overall great character with her secondary ability able to make her travel to another dimension making it impossible to shoot her while in that form her special ability lets her form a portal that you and your teammate can use!
  • Pathfinder - He's a robot dude with a sick grappling hook that you can use to escape and reach certain areas quickly his main ability, the zipline is somewhat similar to wraith's except you dont travel to another dimension and it has a faster cooldown time
  • Gibraltar - Everyone hated using this big guy during the earlier seasons of Apex Legends but nowadays you'd get terrified seeing him with his secondary ability being a shield dome that no one can penetrate, unless you go inside of course, and his main ability which is a mortar strike.
  • Bangalore - This tough ex-military girl is a very simple character to use, her secondary ability being a smoke screen, you already know what it's for and her main ability is an airstrike of missiles arranged vertically, they take time to explode but when they do you're in a world of trouble.
  • Bloodhound - This hunter is my personal favorite with abilities all meant for hunting your enemies down like it's secondary ability which is a pulse detector that detects enemies and the main ability which transforms you into the ultimate hunter giving you speed and highlighting enemies a bright red color making for an easy spot.
  • Lifeline - If you like playing support characters then this medic is for you. She has a drone that can heal you, which is her secondary ability and her main which is being able to drop a care package not to mention her passive ability giving her a faster time to use healing items.
  • Mirage - This witty fellow to me is more of a solo player opposed to being a team player with abilities like making a hollow clone for tricking your foes and being able to turn invisible for a limited time.
  • Octane - An adrenaline junkie in a crazy battlefield, what could go wrong? This crazy daredevil is able to inject himself with adrenaline giving him a temporary speed boost and a very helpful jump pad to escape foes, reach certain places and possibly even kill enemies with it (I've seen it).
  • Wattson - And here we have Wattson, a french engineer. She is the daughter of the man who created the ring system in the Apex Games, she boasts a very useful electric fence in the game that slows you down when you try to cross it and a beacon that regenerates your shield and destroys any grenade that enters it's radius.
  • Caustic - An evil madman who treats his foes like labrats. Caustic is a very good character in my opinion with his gas trap getting triggered if you get to close which blinds, damages and slows you down and his gas grenade which pretty much does the same except for it's bigger radius and damage.
  • Crypto - This notorious hacker is a danger when it comes to third partying and scouting, his secondary ability (His drone) allows him to spy on people and giving him an advantage during battle and his main ability allowing him to use an emp from his drone which completely eliminates your shield and stuns you for a few seconds.
  • Revenant - This guy or... thing is basically death itself with his secondary ability letting him throw a device that damages and disables other legends abilities and his main ability which upon activating releases a totem and transforms you into a shadow, after death during shadow form you respawn back to the totem's location with few health remaining.
  • Loba - She's a thief that has quite a history with the last character we talked about (Her parents get killed by him) her secondary ability allows her to teleport by throwing a bracelet and her main ability allowing loot to teleport to her inventory.
  • Horizon - She is a gravitational manipulator that can use a gadget to lift you in the air for a certain time and her main ability allows her to deploy a blackhole which obviously sucks you in.
  • Rampart - This energetic girl is a great defense character due to her abilities like her secondary which let's her deploy a crouch level shield and her main allowing her to deploy a destructive minigun named "Sheila".
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

So to me overall Apex Legends is a great game, sure they have a loot box system but it doesn't award you with advantages or game changing items only skins and it's developers Respawn Entertainment really communicates well with the Apex Legends community, Apex Legend's community is one of my favorites as it is not as toxic as you'd expect a competitive game to be it feels like a family to be in it.

If you found this review to engaging feel free to rate it and also maybe try the game sometime, if you haven't already I guarantee a fun and competitive experience, maybe try it with some friends too as it is a very heavily team based type of game.

5.0 (1)
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