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How 2 sniper (beginners guide)

Sniper is probably the most familiar name in the game. If you have played any other shooter then you probably know that there is some kind of sniper there. In team fortress 2 a sniper is played in a completely different way compared to other games. This is because team fortress 2 is a very fast-paced game. Because of this, you will find out that, unlike other games where you have to play campy, In team fortress 2 you need to always keep moving. In team fortress 2 the spies, soldiers, and flanking pyros will target you. Team Fortress 2 is also very janky, so you will have to be smarter with how you play. Team Fortress 2 has small or medium-sized maps which are not suitable for sniping. So now you know that team fortress doesn't have a very friendly environment for newer snipers. But it doesn't mean that snipers cannot thrive on a few of the maps. Snipers are best used while defending in a payload or while playing king of the hill. There are other problems for newer snipers as well. The other problem is the player base. Since most of the player base is filled with old and experienced players most of them already know how to counter snipers effectively.

Let's talk about the sniper's loadout. The sniper's default loadout consists of his stick sniper rifle, stock submachine gun and his kukri knife.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When you play as a sniper you should always know that your melee is the best option for short-range engagements and it is best to replace the submachine gun with something better. Unlike other classes, a sniper doesn't have to change their loadout significantly to be effective. The Sniper can be the weakest or the strongest class in the game depending on your skill as well as the condition you are in. Sniper is a long-range focused class but he can still be effective in short-range combat because of his melee weapon. It doesn't mean that he can go head to head against pyros or heavies in shorter ranges. Something useful as a sniper no matter what range it is is your aim. The aim is the most integral part of a sniper. According to the professional team fortress 2 players, there are three types of aim. They are Track aim, Flick aim, and Passive sniper aim. The track aim is when you try to keep your crosshair as close to your enemy's hitbox as possible. Track aim will help you learn about the speed of other classes and this knowledge helps you to improve your passive aim by predicting their movements. Flick aim is where you sort of flick your crosshair near your enemy's hitbox. You will require a quick reaction and prediction of where your crosshair will reach when you flick your mouse in a certain direction. Now lastly there is the passive aim. It gets its name because just like a real sniper you wait for another player to pass your crosshair and shoot exactly the moment they reach the crosshair. Professionals like to call this the guitar hero aim.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I Sniper can kill any class in the game from just about any distance. But with great power comes greater responsibility. Sniper is very strong and you need to know which classes to prioritize first as a sniper. Targets like heavies, soldiers, medics, and enemy snipers should be prioritized to get the lead. Heavies and medics cannot counter you most of the time so they will have a hard time dealing with you. Another thing to be mindful of when playing as a sniper is the hitboxes. If you don't know then hitboxes are a set of boxes which are used to make the character model. Usually, the hitbox of an enemy is bigger than their model. Hitboxes won't matter much while playing other classes but will be essential for a sniper because every shot counts. Sometimes hitboxes are unfair and you will miss your shots and trust me it will happen a lot. As a sniper, you should always charge your shots by aiming down sights. A charged headshot can take down any enemy player even if the enemy is overhealed. Last thing to be mindful of as a sniper is positioning and strafing. Your positioning can affect how good you play. For example, if you get too close to enemy frontlines it will slim your chances of survival. If you stay in the same position for a long time then the opponents will know your location and flank you. Remember that there may be another sniper targeting you or a spy trying to kill you so the most you can do at those times is to strafe in an unexpected pattern. If you are trying to run away run in an unusual pattern to mess up your opponent's aim.

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